Being Warhol: A Conversation with Acid Ghost

Acid Ghost
In light of recent accusations of sexual assault against Ace Barcelon of Acid Ghost, Atwood Magazine has decided to pull this interview from our website.

Brazilian, currently in Philadelphia pursuing a BA in English. Is a dogs and music enthusiast, and spends most of her free time discovering new music, writing out thoughts, or photographing anything and anyone. Started a cactus collection she loves to talk about (each of them have a name), and has very strong opinions on very random subjects like soup.

  • Alisson Paes

    melhor banda que descobri esse ano <3

  • jane

    Don’t support sexual predators. Hope you rethink this article and make changes for the public.

    • nicole

      Hey Jane, this is Nicole (I conducted the interview above with Acid Ghost). Thanks for letting us know about this, we were unaware of the accusations against him and have decided to pull the interview from our website.