Premiere: Cloud Repair’s Hypnotic Mantra “Be Bold, Be Bold”

Cloud Repair © 2017

Like a magnificent wave that washes over and through us, Cloud Repair’s new single “Be Bold, Be Bold” is a dense, warm musical haze.

Listen: “Be Bold, Be Bold” – Cloud Repair

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Be Bold, Be Bold,” the latest single off Cloud Repair’s forthcoming debut album Space Suits (independently out 2018). The experimental, dreamy project of Columbia, South Carolina artist Richard Wells, Cloud Repair’s songs are layered tapestries of sonic wonder. “Be Bold, Be Bold” offers a relaxed vibe in which various instruments trade the spotlight, each contributing to the overall piece’s ambience.

Throughout, we hear the title words repeated again and again: Be bold, be bold, Cloud Repair expresses. Is it a slogan, or a memory? According to the artist, “‘Be Bold, Be Bold’ propels the album’s spirit into motion as the opening track. The track fades in and out with no definite start or end, providing a sense of perpetuity. Repeating “be bold,” as the song’s only two lyrics, makes it like a mantra and heartbeat for the album.”

Thus, we can entrench ourselves in Cloud Repair’s introductory sequence, an hypnotic indulgence of patterns and texture that lifts us out of our stagnation, and into another world.

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Be Bold, Be Bold - Cloud Repair

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