Video Premiere: Passion and Raw Emotions Rise in Cat Turner’s “Easier”

Surging with dark pop passion, Cat Turner’s “Easier” resonates with the intense emotional strain that comes with a relationship in hard times.

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You’re so much easier to love when you’ve got hope to back it up…

How can you love someone else when you’re struggling to love yourself? So much turbulence in intimate relationships comes not from disputes and disagreements between two, but instead from our own inner conflicts and troubles communicating them. Of course, it’s once you’ve weathered those storms that you come to truly appreciate a connection – and discover the deeper bonds of love.

Surging with dark pop passion, Cat Turner’s “Easier” resonates with the intense emotional strain that comes with a relationship in hard times. Love may be easier when everything’s fine and dandy, but it’s the trials and tribulations you face together that make love so beautifully everlasting.

Easier - Cat Turner

Easier – Cat Turner

Go ahead and pick it up the wrong way
not lie I think about you everyday.
Not like I think about you.

Go ahead and pick it up the wrong way
don’t care what I’m trying to say.
Not like I care about you.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for Cat Turner’s latest single “Easier” (November 28, 2018), a stunning follow-up to March’s debut EP Contrast. A powerful testament to the pain of love, “Easier” acknowledges that paradise isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be – but it will always be worth it. Turner howls a dramatic chorus full of intense feeling, her raw voice resonating with the heat of passion’s pendulum swings:

You’re so much easier to love
when you’ve got hope to back it up.

I think you’re easier to fuck
when we don’t actually touch.

You’re so much easier to hold
when I do exactly as I’m told
and I think it’d be easier on us
if you could simply suck it up.

I wanna get in on you, get in you,
wanna get in on you, get in on you.

It’s true: Things would be a hell of a lot easier if we weren’t such emotional creatures. But if that were the case, then what good would living be? As BROODS recognized in their anthem “Peach,” it’s life’s complexity and beautiful intensity that makes it so inspiring, wonderful, and worthwhile.

Cat Turner

Cat Turner

“I’ve been told ‘Easier’ sounds like a very empowering song as it very much sounds like standing up for yourself in a relationship and for some I’m sure it is that,” Cat Turner tells Atwood Magazine. “For me, it’s really just about one that’s going through a tough time. Not because someone is doing anything inherently wrong but someone who’s not coping well in their own self and is therefore adding problems to the relationship and finding it difficult to embrace something that is happy and lovely cause they’re just not. (‘You’re so much easier to love when you’ve got hope to back it up‘.) There’s not a resolve in the song as there doesn’t tend to be a resolve in relationships; instead there are highs and lows and insecurities and lots of love.”

What a beautiful truth about relationships: We seldom actually get true resolve – rather, everything feels like a part of some grand in-between. “Easier” rises and falls with enticing volatility, bringing us along for the ride in Turner’s intimate homemade music video.

“I wanted the video to be that couple,” she explains. “I was nervous shooting the video as it’s a little out of my comfort zone but I kept it comfy doing everything involved in this song (apart from a couple of shots) at home with me, my mate (HOST), a camera and a rough idea of what I wanted to get across.”

The “Easier” video goes beyond Turner’s song in bringing those powerful moments to life. Happiness, sadness, anger, affection; they’re all inescapable parts of love and life. From cozy love to major fights, to make-up sex and back again, “Easier” resonates with the full weight of the relationship experience.

An up-and-coming Galway artist who defines her music as a sort of “goth pop,” Cat Turner proves herself a force to be reckoned with through “Easier,” making us all the more excited about her burgeoning career. Stream “Easier” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and connect with Cat Turner’s music with the links below!

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Easier - Cat Turner

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