Premiere: The Raw, Tender Beauty of Gabriella Rose’s Debut “Lost in Translation”

Gabriella Rose © Chris Molitor
16-year-old Gabriella Rose spreads her wings and flies in her catchy debut single “Lost in Translation,” a raw reflection on connection, longing, and brokenness.

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lost in translation, this ain’t just infatuation

For a bright-eyed newcomer, Gabriella Rose already sounds like a seasoned vet. Maybe it’s a testament to growing up in multiple environments; perhaps it has to do with processing external dysfunction at a young age; it’s also possibly just the luck of the draw. Displaying a musical and emotional maturity well beyond her years, the 16-year-old songwriter spreads her wings and flies in her catchy debut single “Lost in Translation,” a raw reflection on connection, longing, and brokenness.

Heavy raindrops on my heart,
has it ever been so dark
Your face is lighting up the hall,
couldn’t sleep last night at all
Tell me why,
why I let you get this close,
how could I, not have known?
Stream: “Lost In Translation” – Gabriella Rose

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Lost in Translation,” Gabriella Rose’s debut single and the title track off her upcoming debut EP, Lost In Translation (independently out February 1, 2019). Born in Pasadena, California and now based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Gabriella Rose is 16 going on 25: A dedicated singer/songwriter penning moving melodies whose passionate lyrics transcend their personal situations. Sonically more Lana del Rey than Billie Eilish, Rose’s folky indie pop sound has a retro, somewhat timeless quality to it. “Lost In Translation” could be the product of any decade since the ’60s – a trait few songs can proudly boast.

Gabriella Rose - Lost In Translation EP art

Lost In Translation – Gabriella Rose

What makes this song so special is its immediate relatability and quaint musical charm. “Lost in Translation” relays a familiar story of attraction, insecurity, hope, and doubt as the narrator navigates young love’s murky waters. From the opening lyric, “Heavy raindrops on my heart, has it ever been so dark,” to the chorus’ exclamation, “I got your name, didn’t catch your eye, this won’t be easy gonna make you mine,” Gabriella Rose enchants with a somber, yet bright buoyancy.

After all, who among us has ever wanted something or someone, but had no idea where and how to even begin? Grabbing inspiration from her own life as well as from Sofia Coppola’s film Lost in Translation starring Bill Murray, Rose weaves her complex bucket of ups and downs into an already powerful coming-of-age scene.

I got your name, didn’t catch your eye,
this won’t be easy gonna make you mine
Lost in translation, baby
I don’t mind I’ll sit here waiting
It’s all the same, send me a sign,
it isn’t easy to make you mine
lost in translation,
this ain’t just infatuation

“This was the first song I recorded with my producer, Chris Molitor. If it wasn’t for his guidance, the EP wouldn’t have been possible,” Gabriella Rose tells Atwood Magazine. “With this first song, he helped me find my sound. When I started I had no idea what I was doing; I was a fifteen year old girl with songs and a vague idea of what I wanted the record to sound like.”

In addition to paving the way for her musical and artistic identity, “Lost in Translation” asserts Rose’s powerful affinity for emotional connection and understanding – blending real life with fiction as a means of revealing a deeper truth about ourselves.

Rose explains, “[Sofia] Coppola’s film Lost in Translation is what inspired this song. I related to the protagonists who found in each other a common bond; they were both lonely, aimless, and unhappy. Coppola masterfully described that feeling I’ve felt for so long and it’s truly incredible. So I took that feeling and put it in a song!”

And you know you’re like the sun,
shining like the golden one,
in a story I read once

Will my wings melt ‘fore your eyes,
will they melt before goodbyes, should I try?

Tell me why, why I feel a light inside,
how could I, let you pass me by?
Gabriella Rose © Chris Molitor

Gabriella Rose © Chris Molitor

An embellished guitar ballad given the full heartfelt and soulful treatment, “Lost in Translation” introduces us to Gabriella Rose and all her talent while revealing her songwriter-y essence: A core that resonates through the right language paired with a fluid, emotionally-nuanced tune.

For at the end of the day, Rose is singing about so much more than young fantasies or flings. “The song is a wistful melody about how I wish I could reach people around me,” she shares via press release. For Rose, it’s about feeling understood and knowing an individual’s needs have been, or will be, met. It’s about escaping isolation, and finding the road to connection is an uphill and often daunting climb.

Tender and dreamy, “Lost in Translation” is truly a magnificent introduction, and one that presents Gabriella Rose as an exciting and promising new voice out of the Pacific Northwest, ready to pounce on the indie pop, singer/songwriter realm. Stream “Lost in Translation” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and connect with the artist below as she gears up for the February 2019 release of her debut EP!

Stream: “Lost In Translation” – Gabriella Rose

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Gabriella Rose - Lost In Translation EP art

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