Premiere: Intoxication and Longing in Skela’s Raw “Heartbreak & Liquor”

Skela © Rachel Turley
Boasting a dynamic, chillingly emotive voice and the creative well to match, Skela captures the relatable ache of longing, connection and disconnect in her poignant “Heartbreak & Liquor.”

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We go together like heartbreak and liquor

Everyone loves a good perfect pairing, whether it’s wine and chocolate, peanut butter and jelly, heartbreak and liquor, or New York City’s Skela and music. Boasting a dynamic, chillingly emotive voice and the creative well to match, Skela captures the relatable ache of longing, connection and disconnect in her poignant “Heartbreak & Liquor.”

Project 10 - Skela album cover art

Project 10 – Skela

I swear I saw that shit coming
I’d do it again, I’d do it again
I’ve always been like this
Why you looking at me like it’s
Some kind of surprise?

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the single and music video for “Heartbreak & Liquor,” the lead song off Skela’s forthcoming visual album Project 10, a collection of 10 songs and 10 accompanying music videos (out Monday, December 17th via HERØ Records/RED Music).

Announced earlier this year, Project 10 is the creative brainchild of Skela and her friends, photographer Rachel Turley and director Zoe Kraft. Filmed with little budget in Manhattan and Brooklyn over a six-day period, the collection represents a turning point for Skela in her career: “I came up with 10 because at the end of the countdown – it’s going to bring on the next phase of my life,” she told ANCHR Magazine earlier this year.

Since September, Skela has been steadily releasing Project 10‘s songs and videos in descending order (from last to first), beginning with the sheer, mournful “Sailboat.” The third-to-last in the series, “Heartbreak & Liquor” maintains the honesty and vulnerability we’ve seen and heard from Skela throughout these past few months:

I’m at a music hall and I miss
the way your tongue tastes

Got me slipping on wires,
spilling wine all over the place

I can’t be, I can’t be without you
Skela © Rachel Turley

Skela © Rachel Turley

“’Heartbreak & Liquor’ is about an intoxicating relationship placed in the backdrop of New York City lyrically and literally,” the artist tells Atwood Magazine. “All of the projections in the music video are videos from my phone that I took just to have as keepsakes for myself. I never imagined being able to use them for anything other than memories. It’s nice being able to look at a place like this city and think of people you’ve loved, even if it wasn’t forever.”

We go together like heartbreak and liquor,” cries an impassioned Skela, ruminating over the proverbial one who got away. In truth, it doesn’t matter who they were; for this song’s sake, the most pressing quality is what they meant — the symbolic places and memories burned into the mind, forever a touching ode to our past lives and lived experiences.

You don’t need to still be in love with someone in order appreciate their impact.

Vinyl records and purple rain
Knowing that you’ll never
get to hear the real thing

Sad eyes know sad eyes
It’s why you recognized me
When you looked into mine

With its array of homely, sweet visuals and raw sonic bursts, Skela’s “Heartbreak & Liquor” video captures her intimate pain, warmth, and love. Closing off the year strong as ever, Skela is sure to earn herself a special place in our hearts with Project 10, and we cannot wait for more to come from this exciting, powerful, and poetic voice. Stream “Heartbreak & Liquor” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Project 10 - Skela album cover art

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