Premiere: The Haunting Embrace of Harry Pane’s “Beautiful Life”

Harry Pane Beautiful Life
Harry Pane’s haunting new single “Beautiful Life” captures the depth of life’s pain and warmth through a chilling expression of perseverance and strength.

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It’s one thing to say life is beautiful, but it’s another thing to feel it; often, it’s in our darkest, hardest moments that we can fully embrace the gift we’ve all been given. Harry Pane’s haunting new single “Beautiful Life” captures the depth of life’s pain and warmth through a chilling expression of perseverance and strength.

Oh as I reach a time,
I never look back and I find
all my worries behind me

And as I feel the air
Rushing through the pores
on my skin and hair, I unwind
Listen: “Beautiful Life” – Harry Pane

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Beautiful Life,” the brand new single from singer/songwriter Harry Pane (produced by Dani Castelar). Based in Walthamstow, East London, Pane has quickly established himself over the past three years as a prolific, heartfelt folk-leaning songwriter. His knack for brooding, raw balladry has earned him high accolades from the likes of Frank Turner, who fell for his “delicate honesty and turn of phrase,” as well as BBC Introducing.

The singer/songwriter comes at 2018 with a renewed sense of self with “Beautiful Life.”

Harry Pane Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life – Harry Pane

At times I’ve been flying high
Or crawling on the ground
It’s just a matter of the roll of the dice
But I feel the warmth of her hand
I smile and I understand why everybody lives on
Everybody lives on

Pane’s chilling finger-picking and plaintive, soulful singing set a somber tone from the song’s outset. His lyrics find him reflecting on good times and bad – moments of smiles and laughter, followed by moments of tears and painful heartache.

And so the cycle continues, on and on; our lives are a series of ups and downs, an emotional see-saw that never stops swinging. “Beautiful Life” captures the poignancy of this fact – the understanding that neither of these things can exist without the other one: Joy and sadness are as opposite as they are synonymous.

Harry Pane © 2018

Harry Pane © 2018

See the world sometimes,
Can be unkind
But I tell you it’s a beautiful Life
I’m treading old roads
And there’s stories to be told
Yeah I tell you it’s a beautiful life
It’s a Beautiful Life

Wrestling through tragedy and love, “Beautiful Life” is rich with meaning. It’s clear that this song has special depth for the artist as well: “‘Beautiful Life’ symbolises the support I had from people around me through a difficult time and finally making peace with it all,” Harry Pane tells Atwood Magazine. Through swelling vocal lines and intimate guitar plucks, Pane manages to capture both our hearts and our minds.

This is a song for the suffering; for those who’ve overcome a loss, and those who are still dwelling in sadness and heartbreak. Stay tuned for more from this promising artist to watch – Pane will be performing at SXSW in March 2018 and recently inked a publishing deal with Warner’s W Songs – and stream “Beautiful Life” in advance of its 2/16 release, exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Harry Pane Beautiful Life

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