Premiere: Sneaky Little Devil Vibe “In & Out of Time” on Dreamy Debut

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Sneaky Little Devil deliver a hazy, tripped-out weight on debut single “In & Out of Time,” capturing the beat of each moment, and the spaces in-between.

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Steve Miller likely said it best in “Fly Like an Eagle” – time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping… There’s a feeling we associate as we lose ourselves in the passage of life – a tired, relaxed and passive pulse. Sneaky Little Devil embody that hazy, tripped-out weight on their debut single “In & Out of Time,” a progressive song that captures the beat of each moment, and the spaces in-between.

Feels like I’m on the way to forever
Gave all my days away to whatever
So many ways of makin’ it clever
Feels like I’m on the way to forever
Talk to the walls and maybe you’ll get it
Don’t need to know the name or who said it
So many ways to make you forget it
Talk to the walls and maybe you’ll get it
“In & Out of Time” – Sneaky Little Devil

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “In And Out Of Time,” the “official” Sneaky Little Devil’s official debut single (officially out 3/6/2018 via Create Music Group). The Los Angeles married couple of Gregory Scott and Sarah Scott (rounded out live with Maxwell Pierce and Chris Buzea), Sneaky Little Devil describe themselves as making “art rock for the new millenium” – and quite frankly, the shoe fits. The band have a modern Floyd sound; their music is dark, but easy and free-flowing. “In & Out of Time” takes us on an adventure through that darkness, allowing us to close our eyes and drift into the unknown.

One more storyline…
In & Out of Time…
In & Out of Time - Sneaky Little Devil

In & Out of Time – Sneaky Little Devil

“When writing a song, we’ll dream up these imaginary rules, decrees from a muse that must be obeyed if we want the music to reveal itself,” Sneaky Little Devil tell Atwood Magazine. “For ‘In & Out of Time,’ the main rule was “for every stretch of time that has singing, you need to follow it with an equal stretch of time where no one is singing.” The result is a track with so much open space it invites you step inside, maybe let go of whatever you’re holding onto and just float around for a while…​”

Float is the perfect descriptor for a song that wraps us in waves of warmth, a hypnotic cloud that brings us on Sneaky Little Devil’s magic carpet ride.

Talkin’ to one machine or another
Tracing your movements under the covers
No one forgets the way they’re discovered
Talking to one machine or another
Things on the brain are making me heavy
Feel like I might’ve done it already
Somebody thought to bring a machete
Things on the brain are making me heavy

Mindfully mindless, sonically vivid and utterly mesmerizing, “In & Out of Time” is an ideallic debut, the perfect introduction to Sneaky Little Devil’s style and sound. Get to know the band through their socials below, and stream “In & Out of Time” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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In & Out of Time - Sneaky Little Devil

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