Exclusive Premiere: Lunch Ladies Serve an Angsty Adrenaline Rush in “Lazy”

Lunch Ladies © Daniel Topete

It’s so easy for anxiety and nerves to get the best of us. There is such a thing as having too much time to oneself and one’s thoughts: Your mind trails off into dark spaces, leading you down twisted paths that will quickly wind you up. That angst and energy comes alive in Lunch Ladies’ latest single, “Lazy.” Get ready for a release like none other.

Lately I’ve been so bored
Sitting alone in my room
Got nothing else to do
But sit and think of you
Listen: “Lazy” – Lunch Ladies

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Lazy,” the fourth single off Lunch Ladies’ debut album Down on Sunset Strip (out 3/10/2017 via Good Eye Records). Hailing from the coasts on central New Jersey, Lunch Ladies – consisting of Matt Whitley (vox, guitar), Cynthia Rittenbach (vox, bass), Matt Ramiz (vox, guitar) and Peter Gargano (drums) – craft a dreamy haze through energetic, cathartic guitar strokes and emphatically emotional harmonies. Following the releases of “You’re Not There” via The Fader, “Pick Yourself Up” via Impose and “Love Is Overrated” via Hello Giggles, “Lazy” comes as a lush burst of youthful vigor.

Down on Sunset Strip - Lunch Ladies

Down on Sunset Strip – Lunch Ladies

“‘Lazy’ is just about being lonely and trapped inside my own head and my room,” remarks Matt Whitley. “Constantly overthinking and drowning in anxiety that causes me to stay in bed and not leave my house. I’ve spent a lot of time fighting that away, and that’s basically what this song is about.” Sometimes, you need to get everything off your shoulders all at once. The build-up of tension is palpable in Lunch Ladies’ shotgun guitar licks as the band erupt at lightning speed.

The lyrics are pure and simple, but the emotions behind them are ingeniously complex: “Lately I’ve been so bored, sitting alone in my room. Got nothing else to do but sit and think of you.” The song itself is as much a part of Lunch Ladies’ therapeutic process as it is ours, a remarkable quality that is not lost on the band. Lunch Ladies dare to speed up throughout the track, maintaining a true DIY aura and pumping adrenaline through the airwaves.

Look out for Lunch Ladies’ debut album Down on Sunset Strip next Friday, 3/10/2017 via Good Eye Records (pre-order here). Between their sheer energy, wistful melancholy vibes, and hazy dream-pop tones, there’s something for everyone in this promising New Jersey quartet. “Lazy” is one sound bite you won’t stop eating.

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Down on Sunset Strip - Lunch Ladies

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