OK Go Debuts Their One-Take-Wonder “Writings on the Wall”

The four-man, alternative rock group OK Go has already proved their mastery of the one-take shot, and now they’re back in a big way with the release of their new single “Writings on the Wall”. The music video, apart from being shot in a solo take, is loaded with live optical illusions that continuously bend and twist the viewer’s perspective. Check out my favorite shot at 1:30.

One of my favorite aspects of one-take videos is the way in which a stream of consciousness is implied through uninterrupted motion. “Writings on the Wall” takes it one step further with playful representations of reality and its inherent reference to the uncertainty of perception. Nice job boys.


Raised in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, Daillen is studying arts administration at the University of Virginia. She enjoys live music, hot yoga, and traveling the world.