Today’s Song: FHB Breaks Down Barriers with “Regular”

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Who is FHB? The empowered new artist (or artists) have yet to reveal their identity and what the three mysterious initials mean, but what we do know is that FHB is taking a stand. An anthem that shatters societal norms, their debut single, “Regular” (released July 2016 via Sony Music Entertainment) is the embodiment of nonconformity.

Listen: “Regular”  – FHB

Their puzzling persona makes a bold statement in an era where personal brand promotion is so oversaturated in the music industry. It’s all about getting your name out there to as many people as you can and creating name recognition. But not for FHB. By refusing to expose themselves, they have created more hype than many of those other artists who jump at any chance to generate their own buzz.

With several nods towards the R&B femme fatale herself, they emphasize female empowerment as one of the most crucial foundations of their brand. It is a central theme in the hook of their song:

Baby it’s gon’ take
More than my favorite song from Beyoncé, Beyoncé
Yeah, it’s gon’ take a little more than Marvin and Chardonnay
For me to give the ok
Two steps ahead of ya
You want that regular
I’m not that regular
You can have that regular

FHB is a tease, but she/they demand respect. They refuse to give themselves away that easily. And it works or them. By not taking into account age, appearances, and all other physical attributes that have been concealed, fans hear the music for what it is. The accompanying music video doesn’t give fans much to work with, either. It depicts three silhouettes dancing under flashing lights and strutting every ounce of their cryptic swagger.

FHB's "Regular" music video

FHB's "Regular" music video

FHB's "Regular" music video
FHB's "Regular" music video

While the original version of the single features Trey Songz up-and-coming protege, J.R., the remix features Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh’s very last performance before his untimely death. These juxtaposed MC features symbolize the intersection of musical eras; a farewell to hip-hop’s past accompanies the ushering in of hip-hop’s future. And though timeless, the urban music scene is a tough one for a female to break into.

Nevertheless, FHB is fearless. They are anything but regular. Faceless, nameless, but with a clear message, they have commanded the spotlight, and they have everyone eagerly waiting to see what’s next.

"Regular" - FHB

“Regular” – FHB

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Watch: “Regular”  – FHB

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