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Atwood Magazine's Weekly Roundup | Black History Month 2023

Atwood Magazine’s Weekly Roundup: Black History Month 2023

To celebrate Black History Month, this week’s weekly roundup features some of today’s most exciting Black artists, including Joy Oladokun, Janelle Monáe, Lizzo & SZA, Bluphoria, Dreamer Isioma, Jhené Aiko, Samara Joy, Hannah Jadagu, Enumclaw, Nite Bjuti, tobi lou, & Kevin Ross!

DWLLRS © Cole Ferguson

Feature: DWLLRS and the Art of Overthinking

DWLLRS – the viral pop duo of Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon – sit down with Atwood Magazine to talk bedroom bull sessions, the role of music in everyday life, and achieving stardom without ever taking the stage.

Atwood Magazine's Weekly Roundup | January 27, 2023

Atwood Magazine’s Weekly Roundup: January 27, 2023

Atwood’s staff share the music they’ve been listening to in the moment. This week’s roundup includes Stephen Sanchez, Wrabel, Sylo, nezsa, Daisy Jones & The Six, Mike Rogers, Bilk, joan, little image, Raquel Martins, WESSON, Party Nails & Boy Sim, & VNXI!