Premiere: Simon XO Turns Anxiety into Alt-Rock Gold in “Over and Out”

Simon XO © Sarah Lane
Inspired by anxiety, stress, and the overwhelming desire to press pause, Simon XO’s “Over and Out” is dynamic, impassioned alternative rock gold.
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Anxiety might bury us down, out, and away from the world, but it also drives us to do great things! It can truly be someone’s crutch as much as their inspiration – the obstacle forcing self-reflection, development, and growth; the stimulus for change. We’ve covered many great songs inspired by anxiety and stress in recent memory, from Gabrielle Aplin’s 2019 soon-to-be smash “Nothing Really Matters” to The Harmaleighs’ raucaus affair “Sorry, I’m Busy,” and beyond.

Add to that list 24-year-old Simon XO and his infectiously catchy new single: Inspired by anxiety, stress, and the overwhelming desire to press pause, “Over and Out” is dynamic, impassioned alternative rock gold.

Over and Out - Simon XO

Over and Out – Simon XO

Give it up
Cut and run
Fall apart
Like you always do
Lonely boy
Contrive your joy
Like you always do

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Over and Out,” the lead single off Simon XO’s upcoming debut EP Nightmares & Filthy Souls (independently out September 2019). The young San Diegan turns inner struggle on its head in his desperate search for catharsis, singing openly about his inner demons in a torrential outpouring of stormy emotion.

“Over and Out” hits its peak in an explosive chorus as, exposed, Simon XO accepts his vulnerability and commits to persevere

Every dream’s a nightmare
Every loss a scar
The diamonds of my future
Fade away into the dark
I guess you found me (x2)
I guess you found me out
I guess it’s over (x2)
I guess I’m over and out
Simon XO © Sarah Lane

Simon XO © Sarah Lane

“‘Over and Out’ is about anxiety: All the pressures build up and you wanna press a big pause button,” the artist tells Atwood Magazine. “With that in mind, this was aptly the record that went through the most production do-overs. There were probably 4-5 versions of this song that sounded distinctly different, and none of them sounded right. So I kept hashing and rehashing it until I ended up with this.”

Radiant and emphatic, “Over and Out” has the warm pop/rock charm that comes home like a good hit should. Its sound is reminiscent to the hits of REM, Weezer, and even Fountains of Wayne – alternative acts who may not all have sounded the same, but each delivered that same injection of raw energy when duty called. Now this is Simon XO’s time, and with such an explosive rock sound and easily relatable, real lyrics, the 24-year-old appears ready to take on the world. Only time will tell what the young California pop/rocker has for us: His debut EP Nightmares & Filthy Souls releases at the end of summer. Until then, we’ve got a kickass jam to see us through those darker days.

Here’s to never letting out anxiety win – no matter how we cope.

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Over and Out - Simon XO

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