Our Take: Madison Beer Does It Her Way on ‘As She Pleases’ EP

As She Pleases - Madison Beer
As She Pleases - Madison Beer

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Flaunting a newfound maturity with the release of her EP ‘As She Pleases,’ Madison Beer commits to creating a collection of pop perfection.
RIYL: Alessia Cara, Ariana Grande, Olivia O’Brien

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Pop music carries a certain stigma as being diluted of musical experimentation in exchange for a more formulaic approach involving a team of multiple writers, producers, and musicians to manufacture a hit. While the gist of this presumption may carry some isolated truth, the reigning artists of today’s popular music genre see their success as a result of this positive collaboration, emotional ingenuity, and sheer talent.

18-year-old Madison Beer creates pop perfection with her latest EP release, As She Pleases (2/2/2018 via Access Records). Breaking away from her previous inclination towards bubblegum bops, Beer has developed a mature musical palette that draws more from the edgy R&B acts of today.

As She Pleases – Madison Beer

The first single from the EP caught many by surprise. Focusing more on her social media presence as any 18-year-old would, Beer had much to prove to her fans who assumed that she wasn’t to be taken seriously. She proved them “dead” wrong.

Watch: “Dead” – Madison Beer

A mid-tempo ballad, “Dead” shows her moody side. Not only do listeners start to really hone in on this whole new side of her, but she also showcases some serious vocal capability. It was a different approach to a summer song, but nevertheless backed by a danceable club beat. She addresses the empty words of an ex with some brutal honesty; her lyricism is truly outstanding, as she flips the cliché concept of romantic promises into a clap back at an ex.

As She Pleases - Madison Beer
As She Pleases – Madison Beer

HeartLess” is darker and more brooding, and Beer provides another lyrical twist as she sings about using her heart less.

Tyler Durden” is a woeful ballad over a sweet acoustic guitar. Beer sings:

I’m in love with Tyler Durden
That’s why this shit
ain’t ever working for me
I’m in love with a fantasy

Implying that her search for love is futile, she references the Fight Club protagonist who turns out to be an imaginary character. Here, she proves yet again how her lyrical concepts are to be taken seriously.

Home with You” is the new hit on the EP. An anthem that begs to be sung along to, she spits some attitude-driven lyrics over a tropical beat. It embodies the overarching theme of As She Pleases, where Beer has proven that she has a grasp of her own decisions and will do whatever she wants.

Madison Beer © Access Records
Madison Beer © Access Records

The innocent “Teenager in Love,” really hits home with her core listeners. Her gentle crooning over an Ariana Grande-esque piano melody evokes a romantic nostalgia that reminds her listeners of her youthfulness.

Closing the album with the antagonistic “Say It to My Face,” Madison Beer demonstrates immense vocal prowess. Produced by Fred Ball, who has worked with Rihanna, Jessie Ware, and Little Mix, it is the most uniquely arranged track on the EP, and its equally-enticing music video is a far-cry from the early Madison Beer.

The young girl who was discovered by Justin Bieber through her sweet acoustic YouTube covers is long gone, and a new superstar is in the making. A resolute voice, lyrical intimacy with her fans, and her commitment to the methods of pop music have resulted in this EP, and it’s just plain good.

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As She Pleases - Madison Beer

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