2024’s New Music Releases & Upcoming Albums

2024’s New Music Releases & Upcoming Albums

Atwood Magazine’s staff works together to compile this regularly updated guide to upcoming and new music releases. Check back here for a calendar of the albums, EPs, mixtapes, and projects we’re anticipating (and most excited about) in 2024!
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January 2024

January 12 Album Releases

1/12 Lily SeabirdAlas, (independent)

Burlington, Vermont-based artist-to-watch Lily Seabird calls her sophomore album “an expression of grief, but it’s also for letting go.” Inspired by loss, coming of age, and lingering sadness, Alas, is the indie folk singer/songwriter and producer’s follow-up to 2021’s Beside Myself, and promises to be an achingly intimate and all-consuming experience: An album leaning hard into grief, healing, and one soul’s unbridled, unabridged reflections on what it means to live, to love, and to exist in this world. – Mitch Mosk



1/12 Harrison StormWonder, Won’t You? (Nettwerk Music Group)

Eight years and five EPs into his career, Australian singer/songwriter Harrison Storm invites audiences everywhere to join him on a deeply introspective journey of inward connection. Produced by Dustin Tebbutt, Wonder, Won’t You? is at once expansive and insular: An emotive ten-song journey aching with glowing acoustic guitars, colorful, subtle sonic beds, and Storm’s own gentle, glistening, shiver-inducing voice. – Mitch Mosk
• •

Harrison Storm's Debut LP 'Wonder, Won't You?' Is an Intimate Indie Folk Diary of Human Experience


1/12 Marika HackmanBig Sigh (Chrysalis Records)

Marika Hackman’s Big Sigh is an ode to anhedonia, taking its place as a sympathetic friend in the anthology of numbness. Returning to the intimacy of her earliest projects, the English singer/songwriter’s latest revolves around a slew of bittersweet instrumentation paired with perceptive production, accounting for all the little details. – Nasim Elyasi
• •

Marika Hackman on Her Provocative & Piercing 'Big Sigh'


1/12 The VaccinesPick-Up Full of Pink Carnations (Thirty Tigers)

British indie legends The Vaccines are back with their sixth record, Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations. Blending the sounds of their first and fourth records, Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations is achingly introspective, grounded, and focused on loss felt during human existence. The band pull apart the fabric of who they are as musicians and people in a record set to define the course of their futures. – David Roskin
• •

The Vaccines' Justin Young on the Space Between Reality & Expectation in 'Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations'


1/12 VacationsNo Place Like Home (Nettwerk Music Group)

Newcastle, Australia DIY woozy pop group Vacations had nothing short of a breakthrough in 2023, and are riding that sweet momentum into 2024 with the January 12 release of their third record, No Place Like Home. A representation of “fall[ing] back in love with music and so much else in [his] life,” lead singer and guitarist Campbell Burns along with the rest of the band dive into a beautiful discussion of personal growth with the perfect blend of lofi-synth, indie-poppy hooks and bright melodies. – Miles Campbell

1/12 Nailah HunterLovegaze (Fat Possum)

1/12 Wild ChildEnd of the World (Reba’s Ranch Records)

1/12 Kid CudiINSANO (Republic Records)

January 19 Album Releases

1/19 Keyon HarroldForeverland (Concord Jazz)

With his third album, Foreverland, trumpeter and composer Keyon Harrold will keep his brand of hip-hop-tinged trumpet-playing alive and strong. “I am hoping that people will get a chance to hold on to this piece of art and are inspired by the vibrations, the words, and the musicality that’s been put down on this album,” Harrold shares. “I hope that you’re able to take away the positivity, that you take away from the love, that you’re able to give and spread love, that people are able are ultimately able to be inspired by my life, my music, my journey, my approach.” Featuring contributions from Robert Glasper, Common, Laura Mvula, PJ Morton, and many more notable guests from both the jazz and hip-hop communities, Foreverland is without a doubt a musical paradise. – Josh Weiner
• •



1/19 Swimming BellCharlie (Permanent Records)

A lilting and lush indie folk reflection on the ebbs and flows of a life lived in the moment, Swimming Bell’s sophomore album marks a tender return for LA-based singer/songwriter Katie Schottland. Charlie gently stirs the heart while simultaneously nourishing the soul as Schottland treats listeners to ten intimate confessionals – a personal collage of her last three years, which included an impactful move from Brooklyn to California. For her, this record is a “time capsule… full of love, grief, loss, daydreams, and the untethered feeling of change.” Littered with little sparks of musical magic, Charlie is a heartwarming, smile-inducing folk record ready to soundtrack winter’s cold nights. – Mitch Mosk

1/19 Lil DickyPENITH (The DAVE Soundtrack) (BMG)

1/19 Green DaySaviors (Warner Records)

Two decades after Green Day reached what remains its commercial and cultural pinnacle with American Idiot, their fourteenth studio album, Saviors, demonstrates that there is life in them yet as a veteran rock group – and one that still has plenty of bones to pick with their home country. – Josh Weiner


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1/19 Brown HorseReservoir (Loose Music)

Norwish, England’s Brown Horse ache from the inside out on their debut album Reservoir, a hauntingly beautiful alt-country record full of turbulence and tenderness, born from an inescapable inner turmoil and an undying love of folk, alternative rock, and country music. It’s a dreamy, emotionally charged reverie that pays homage to the band’s folk roots, while establishing them as sonic kinfolk to groups like Lucero and Big Thief – contemporary acts that have, in their own ways, broken the mold and charted their own unique paths in the music world. – Mitch Mosk



1/19 Eliza McLambGoing Through It

1/19 Sleater-KinneyLittle Rope (Loma Vista Recordings)

January 26 Album Releases

1/26 CourtingNew Last Name (Lower Third)

1/26 Future IslandsPeople Who Aren’t There Anymore (4AD)

Future Islands are a band to grow with, a band to embrace both heartbreak and joy, dark and light, sometimes one right after another. It all comes to a head in the group’s beautiful, yearning and cathartic new LP People Who Aren’t There Anymore. – Beau Hayhoe


:: OUR TAKE ::

1/26 Goth BabeLola (Mom + Pop Music)

1/26 ISMAYDesert Pavement (independent)

1/26 junodreamPools of Colour (AWAL Recordings)

Straddling darkness and light, past, present, and future, Junodream’s debut album Pools of Colour aches with unadulterated emotion, unfiltered depth, longing, hope, and wonder. The dream rock band confront, contemplate, and comment on modernity and the human condition without drawing conclusions – facilitating open-ended conversations (and reflections) on the state of things that provoke us to, in turn, dig deeper into ourselves and the many ways in which we do and don’t connect with the world. – Mitch Mosk
• •



1/26 Katy KirbyBlue Raspberry (ANTI- Records)

1/26 Large Brush CollectionOff Center (independent)

1/26 Mall GirlPure Love (Jansen Records)

1/26 NewDadMADRA (Atlantic Records)

Heavy, achingly raw, and emotionally charged, MADRA is an unrelenting alternative album built on fragility, vulnerability, and the dark depths of human experience. NewDad’s debut album finds them dwelling in the deep end of the sonic and emotional spectrum, picking their worlds apart as they comprehend the sheer weight of living through a haze of grunge, shoegaze, and dreamy indie rock. – Mitch Mosk
• •



1/26 The SmileWall of Eyes (XL Recordings)

1/26 Ty SegallThree Bells (Drag City)

1/29 Conchúr WhiteSwirling Violets (Bella Union)

February 2024

February 2 Album Releases

2/2 BrittiHello, I’m Britti (Easy Eye Sound)

2/2 Giant RooksHow Have You Been? (Mercury / Republic Records)

Giant Rooks’ second full-length effort How Have You Been? sees the German indie rock quintet fully leaning into their knack for creating high-energy earworms, yet maintaining a sense of intimacy and realism in its exploration of social and personal themes. – Isabella Le

2/2 Joe WongMere Survival (independent)

2/2 MORGXNBeacon (Nettwerk Music Group)

2/2 Shannen JamesPatchwork

Life’s little moments deserve their time to shine, and on Patchwork the ephemeral becomes eternal as Australian singer/songwriter Shannen James turns her rays toward our intimate, innermost experiences. It’s a record of poetic self-expression and radiant revelry: A charming collection of songs ready to be the soundtrack to our own dusty roads as James soaks up the full spectrum of life experience, crafting a ‘patchwork’ record that stitches together the stories of her life to date. – Mitch Mosk
• •



2/2 The Last Dinner PartyPrelude to Ecstasy (Island Records)

The Last Dinner Party’s debut album Prelude to Ecstasy cements the London group’s status as an indie pop band with ambitious imagination, melding genres and references of their choosing into a wild and mellifluous collage, taking musical maximalism to an extreme in both lyrical content and sonic arrangement. – Olivia Martinez
• •


:: REVIEW ::
February 9 Album Releases

2/9 1999 WRITE THE FUTUREhella (˃̣̣̥╭╮˂̣̣̥) ✧ ♡ ‧º·˚: (88rising / RCA Records)

2/9 Brittany HowardWhat Now (Island Records)

2/9 Chelsea WolfeShe Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She (Loma Vista Recordings)

2/9 Cj PanditOne Lost English Boy (Lost Language)

2/9 Declan McKennaWhat Happened to the Beach? (Tomplicated Records)

2/9 Katelyn TarverQuitter (Nettwerk Music Group)

Through careful lyricism and sonically crafted production, Katelyn Tarver has managed to create a timeless piece of work with Quitter, a beautifully vulnerable record that asks big questions of the future while reflecting on the past, all while trying to figure out what we’re all trying to figure out; how it all makes sense. – Kelly McCafferty Dorogy



2/9 LovingAny Light (Last Gang Records/MNRK)

Loving, the British Columbia-based duo of Jesse Henderson and David Perry, utilize free-flowing experimentation to explore love, depression, and uncertainty with their third record, Any Light. – Miles Campbell

2/9 Madi DiazWeird Faith (ANTI-)

Even with the uncomfortable themes or difficult things that Madi Diaz is unpacking in her songwriting on Weird Faith, she does so with an incredible tact so that the album, even in its most unflinching moments of honesty… is never uninviting or inaccessible, and is continually compelling – an extraordinarily personal journey that also serves as a refreshingly bold and, yes, audacious, artistic statement. – Kevin Krein


:: REVIEW ::

2/9 Mk.geeTwo Star & The Dream Police (R&R Digital)

2/9 Royel OtisPRATTS & PAIN (Ourness)

2/9 Tom SnowdonLonely Tree (Pieeater)

February 16 Album Releases

2/16 Daniel Ellsworth & The Great LakesHIGH LIFE (Deer Head Music)

2/16 Danielle DurackEscape Artist (independent)

Simultaneously distant and intimate, singer/songwriter Danielle Durack’s third album Escape Artist almost mimics the act of moving on, where at times heartbreak can feel like it is almost forgotten, and other times it can feel like it is breathing down your neck. It is at once that urge you have to pick the scab, and the slow-gained, hard-fought control that allows you to resist. – Hannah Burns

2/16 FrikoWhere we’ve been, Where we go from here (ATO Records)

Chicago band Friko channel inner tension and turmoil into breathtakingly bold indie rock songs on their debut album Where we’ve been, Where we go from here, a charming and churning debut that aches with the weight of being alive. – Mitch Mosk



2/16 Frontier RuckusOn the Northline (Loose Music)

2/16 IDLESTANGK (Partisan Records)

2/16 Jordan MackampaWelcome Home, Kid! (AWAL)

Warm, sun-kissed, and soul-stirring, Jordan Mackampa’s sophomore album WELCOME HOME, KID! is his most intimate and candid endeavor yet – an unapologetic artistic homecoming celebrating the person he’s still becoming and embracing the communities he’s proud to be a part of, all while reckoning with the trials and tribulations life has thrown along the way. – Mitch Mosk



2/16 Middle KidsFaith Crisis Pt 1 (Lucky Number)

2/16 Mother MotherGrief Chapter (Warner Records)

2/16 San FerminArms (Better Company Records)

2/16 serpentwithfeetGRIP (Secretly Canadian)

2/16 Talk ShowEffigy (Missing Piece Records)

Intense, intoxicating, and all-consuming, Talk Show’s debut album Effigy is a darkly alluring post-punk fever dream: An all-consuming homage to the nightclub, that sacred, seductive space of connection, release, and full-bodied catharsis. – Mitch Mosk

2/16 VarsitySouvenirs (independent)

The capstone to a year of monthly singles releases, Varsity’s fourth album Souvenirs is a captivating collection of cherished memories, intimate emotions, and fleeting moments brought to life through an expansive indie rock soundtrack. – Mitch Mosk


February 23 Album Releases

2/23 Allie XGirl With No Face (Twin Music Inc)

Girl With No Face‘s eleven tracks sound as though they were pulled straight from the soundtrack of a campy slasher film that exists only on a dust-covered VHS tape hidden in the musician’s basement. An entrancing aura devours all self-control and leaves you a victim of sporadic dance – all hail Allie X. – Marissa DeLeon

2/23 ColouringLove to You, Mate (Bella Union)

2/23 Erick the ArchitectI’ve Never Been Here Before (Architect Recording Company)

2/23 GhettsOn Purpose, With Purpose (Warner Music UK)

2/23 iDKHOWGLOOM DIVISION (Concord Records)

2/23 Jazmin BeanTraumatic Livelihood (Interscope Records)

2/23 Little KidA Million Easy Payments (Orindal Records)

2/23 MGMTLoss of Life (Mom+Pop)

2/23 Psymon SpineHead Body Connector (Northern Spy Records)

2/23 Red Rum ClubWestern Approaches (Modern Sky UK)

2/23 The SnutsMillennials (Happy Artist Records)

March 2024

March 1 Album Releases

3/1 Abby SageThe Rot (Nettwerk Music Group)

Abby Sage’s ambitious debut album, The Rot, shows her at the pinnacle of her potential, full of propulsive electronics, hypnotic harmonies, and lyrics that combine trippy imagery with bare-hearted confessions. – Kate Millar

3/1 DekkerFuture Ghosts (Useful Fictions)

3/1 Faye WebsterUnderdressed at the Symphony (Secretly Canadian)

3/1 Games We PlayLife’s Going Great (Fueled By Ramen / DCD2)

3/1 Hollow CovesNothing to Lose (Nettwerk Music Group)

3/1 lake jDizzy (independent)

3/1 The NarcotixDying (independent)

3/1 RIP DunesRIP Dunes (independent)

3/1 San CiscoUnder The Light (Nettwerk Music Group)

3/1 Yard ActWhere’s My Utopia? (Republic Records)

March 8 Album Releases

3/8 Amelia CoburnBetween The Moon and The Milkman (independent)

3/8 Ariana Grandeeternal sunshine (Republic Records)

Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande’s first album since the pandemic, finds her singular, powerful vocals laid atop glossy beats as effectively as ever, with everything that’s been on her mind post-divorce laid bare as well. – Josh Weiner

3/8 BleachersBleachers (Dirty Hit)

3/8 brother birdanother year (Easy Does It Records)

3/8 HauxBlue Angeles (Ultra Records)

Indie folk singer/songwriter Haux – the alias for the Berkshires’ Woodson Black – continues to blanket the ears in warm, soul-stirring atmospheric wonders in his sophomore album Blue Angeles, the long-awaited follow-up to 2020’s breathtaking debut Violence in a Quiet Mind. A twelve-track answer to the question, “What happens when we stop running away?Blue Angeles promises to be a haven of intimate introspection, spiritual connection, inner healing, and self-discovery – all expressed through a dreamy, cathartic, introspective and vulnerable lens. – Mitch Mosk

3/8 The Jesus and Mary ChainGlasgow Eyes (Fuzz Club Records)

3/8 KonradsenMichael’s Book on Bears (777 Music)

Cathartic and comforting, Konradsen’s sophomore album Michael’s Book on Bears is a soul-stirring exhale of intimate Scandinavian introspection: A sentimental, smoldering indie folk seduction that finds Norwegian duo of Jenny Marie Sabel and Eirik Vildgren at home and in their element as they channel a sense of familiarity, connection, and homecoming into beautiful and breathtaking music. Says the band: “When you live in a quiet place, sometimes you want to make more noise. Even though we live more quietly, there is plenty of sound.” Mitch Mosk

3/8 Krooked KingsShiver (Nobody Gets It Records)

3/8 Lake Saint DanielSmall Thoughts

3/8 Moor MotherThe Great Bailout (ANTI- Records)

3/8 The Northern BelleBats in the Attic (Die With Your Boots On Records)

3/8 Slow HollowsBullhead (Danger Collective)

3/8 TorreyTorrey (Slumberland Records)

3/8 Tomato FlowerNo (Ramp Local)

March 15 Album Releases

3/15 Fetch TigerWalking to Camera (independent)

Brooklyn-based indie pop duo Fetch Tiger describe their debut album as their most honest work yet, stepping out from behind the made-up characters of their first two EPs and telling “stories about our own, real, tangible experiences.” Unapologetically autobiographical and nonetheless enchanting, Walking to Camera sees the band – comprised of Lorenzo Montali and Tanner Davis – at their most intimate and unleashed, delivering tender, turbulent feelings with a dynamic and spellbinding force thanks to a dazzling combination of jangling electric guitars, glittering synths, driving drums, and Montali’s evocative, enchanting voice. – Mitch Mosk

3/15 The Fourth WallReturn Forever (DevilDuck Records)

3/15 Gouge AwayDeep Sage (Deathwish Inc.)

3/15 Kacey MusgravesDeeper Well (Interscope Records / MCA Nashville)

March 22 Album Releases

3/22 Adrianne LenkerBright Future (4AD)

Adrianne Lenker of the band Big Thief is known for quiet destruction. Her sixth solo LP Bright Future is a powerhouse of an album, with waves of energy and dips of sorrow. Lenker does not shy away from confounding poetry and quirky instrumentals, drawing on her experiences with Big Thief to flesh out her already well-established solo work. The album is springtime, with blossoming buds and fleeting freezes. – Madeleine Eggen

3/22 Bendigo FletcherTwo Things At Once (Elektra)

3/22 BrimheimRATKING (Tambourhinoceros)

3/22 Close TalkerThe Sprawl (Slow Weather)

3/22 Doris ClubThere’s Still Time (Nettwerk Music Group)

3/22 FletcherIn Search of the Antidote (Capitol Records)

3/22 Francis of DeliriumLighthouse (Dalliance Recordings)

Burning bright and fueled from a fire within, Francis of Delirium’s debut album Lighthouse is a beautifully radiant and spirited record: A cathartic coming-of-age reverie that comes alive as Luxembourg’s Jana Bahrich learns to let love’s light into her life. – Mitch Mosk

3/22 Gary Clark Jr.JPEG RAW (Warner Records)

3/22 Good MorningGood Morning Seven (Polyvinyl Records)

3/22 Julia HolterSomething in the Room She Moves (Domino Records)

3/22 Lana WinterhaltRecovering Theatre Kid (independent)

3/22 Lauran HibberdGirlfriend Material (Virgin Music)

3/22 RosaliBite Down (Merge Records)

3/22 Rosie TuckerUTOPIA NOW! (Sentimental Records)

3/22 Saint SaviourSunseeker (VLF Records)

3/22 Sam EvianPlunge (Flying Cloud Recordings)

3/22 ShakiraLas Mujeres Ya No Lloran (Sony Music)

3/22 The StavesAll Now (Nonesuch Records)

A product of passion and perseverance, soul-searching and self-knowing, All Now is an emboldened, cathartic release that sees The Staves basking in beautiful folk rock pastures as they take on the world, one song at a time. Produced by John Congleton, the band’s fourth studio album is a spirited and expansive joyride filled with moments of light and love, grief and wondering, and that cheeky, biting English humor that, quite literally, kicks off the whole record with the simple, loaded phrase: It’s all now, isn’t it exciting?Mitch Mosk

3/22 The VeronicasGothic Summer (Big Noise Music Group)

3/22 The Wandering HeartsMOTHER (Chrysalis Records)

3/22 WaxahatcheeTigers Blood (ANTI-)

March 29 Album Releases

3/29 A Country WesternLife on the Lawn (Crafted Sounds)

3/29 BeyoncéCOWBOY CARTER (Parkwood Entertainment / Columbia records)

3/29 GamblersPulverizer (independent)

3/29 HarmlessSprings Eternal (Nettwerk Music Group)

3/29 Holiday GhostsCoat of Arms (FatCat Records)

3/29 Jeremiah FraitesPiano Piano 2 (Dualtone Records)

3/29 Love Fame TragedyLife Is A Killer (Bright Antenna Records)

3/29 Niamh BuryYellow Roses (Claddagh Records / UMI)

3/29 PeelAcid Star (Innovative Leisure)

3/29 Teens in TroubleWhat’s Mine (Asian Man Records)

3/29 Yot ClubRufus (Amuse)

April 2024

April 5 Album Releases

4/4 ArsunBabe I Hear Thunder In Your Heart (Dirty Laundry Music)

4/5 BeatenbergThe Great Fire of Beatenberg (Leafy Outlook)

4/5 The Black KeysOhio Players (Nonesuch/Warner Records)

4/5 BnnyOne Million Love Songs (Fire Talk)

4/5 Dana GavanskiLATE SLAP (Full Time Hobby)

4/5 Drahlaangeltape (Captured Tracks)

4/5 Grace CummingsRamona (ATO Records)

4/5 GustafPackage Pt. 2 (Royal Mountain Records)

4/5 Katie PruittMantras (Rounder Records)

4/5 KhruangbinA LA SALA (Dead Oceans)

4/5 Lizzy McAlpineOlder (RCA Records)

4/5 Maggie RoseNo One Gets Out Alive (Big Loud Records)

4/5 Medium BuildCountry (slowplay / Island Records)

His major label debut, Medium Build’s fifth studio album Country is filled with singer/songwriter Nick Carpenter’s “goddamn DNA” as he spills his heart and soul in twelve intimately vulnerable and irresistibly catchy songs. “I wanted Country to have a human touch,” Carpenter says. “I want Country to be something you love with and dance with and cry with and sleep with and lean into.” – Mitch Mosk

4/5 Marcus KingMood Swings (American / Republic Records)

4/5 Motel BreakfastI Promise I’m Having Fun (independent)

4/5 Mount KimbieThe Sunset Violent (Warp Records)

4/5 Novo AmorCollapse List (AllPoints)

4/5 RiTchieTriple Digits [112] (independent)

4/5 SinkaneWe Belong (City Slang)

4/5 Vampire WeekendOnly God Was Above Us (Columbia Records)

4/5 X AmbassadorsTownie (Virgin Music Group)

April 12 Album Releases

4/12 Aaron Lee Tasjan – Stellar Evolution (Blue Élan)

4/12 Asha JefferiesEgo Ride (Nettwerk Music Group)

4/12 Bad Bad HatsBad Bad Hats (Don Giovanni Records)

4/12 The Ballroom ThievesSundust (Nettwerk Music Group)

4/12 BODEGAOur Brand Could Be Yr Life (Chrysalis Records)

4/12 Buzzard Buzzard BuzzardSkinwalker (Communion Records)

4/12 English TeacherThis Could Be Texas (Island Records)

4/12 The FeelingSan Vito (Kartel Music Group)

4/12 girl in redI’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY! (Columbia Records)

4/12 HumbirdRight On (Nettwerk Music Group)

4/12 Louisa StancioffWhen We Were Looking (Yep Roc Records)

4/12 mae krell(i think) i might be grown (independent)

4/12 Maggie RogersDon’t Forget Me (Capitol Records)

4/12 MELTSField Theory (Fuzz Club)

4/12 METZUp on Gravity Hill (Sub Pop)

4/12 Minor MoonThe Light Up Waltz (Ruination Record Co.)

April 19 Album Releases

4/18 Dog ParkFestina Lente (Géographie)

4/19 A Certain Ratio It All Comes Down to This (Mute Records)

4/19 Cloud NothingsFinal Summer (Pure Noise Records)

4/19 Emily MagpieThere Are Other Forms of Strength (Def Pressé)

4/19 Floral CouchesXtra Mild (AWAL)

4/19 GriefcatLate Stage Capitalism (independent)

4/19 KindsightNo Shame No Fame (Rama Lama Records)

4/19 Local NativesBut I’ll Wait for You (Loma Vista Recordings)

4/19 The MelvinsTarantula Heart (Liberator Music)

4/19 Pearl JamDark Matter (Monkeywrench Records / Republic Records)

4/19 Pillow QueensName Your Sorrow (Royal Mountain Records)

4/19 Taylor SwiftThe Tortured Poets Department (Republic Records)

April 26 Album Releases

4/26 BabehovenWater’s Here in You (Double Double Whammy)

4/26 Blitz VegaNorthern Gentlemen (FutureSonic Records)

4/26 DevarrowA Long & Distant Wave (Paper Bag Records)

4/26 HovvdyHovvdy (Arts & Crafts Records)

4/26 Iron & WineLight Verse (Sub Pop)

4/26 Jess GlynneJESS (EMI Records)

4/26 Maria Chiara ArgiróCloser (Innovative Leisure)

4/26 MicrowaveLET’S START DEGENERACY (Pure Noise Records)

Circling the Drain: Atlanta Rock Trio Microwave Talk New Album ‘Let's Start Degeneracy’


4/26 NisaShapeshifting (Tender Loving Empire)

4/26 PorijTeething (Play It Again Sam)

4/26 The Lostines Meet the Lostines (independent)

4/30 Kitty CoenHELLCAT (independent)

May 2024

5/3 BlushingSugarcoat (Kanine Records)

5/3 Brookside MallNo More Fragrant Thoughts (independent)

5/3 CorellaOnce Upon a Weekend (Believe)

5/3 Dea MatronaFor Your Sins (independent)

5/3 Dua LipaRadical Optimism (Warner Music Group)

5/3 Frank TurnerUndefeated (Xtra Mile Recordings)

5/3 Hana VuRomanticism (Ghostly International)

5/3 Home CountiesExactly As It Seems (Submarine Cat Records)

5/3 Jharis YokleySometimes, Late At Night (Rainbow Blonde Records)

5/3 Kamasi WashingtonFearless Movement (Young / Remote Control Records)

5/3 LemoncelloLemoncello (Claddagh Records)

5/3 mehrotrauma lullabies (Heroine Music Group)

5/3 Rachel ChinouririWhat A Devastating Turn of Events (Elektra)

5/3 néomísomebody’s daughter ([PIAS])

5/3 SiaReasonable Woman (Monkey Puzzle / Atlantic Records)

5/3 snarlswith love, (Take This To Heart Records)

5/3 WILLOWempathogen (Three Six Zero and gamma)

5/10 Amen DunesDeath Jokes (Sub Pop)

5/10 Andra DayCASSANDRA (cherish) (Warner Records)

5/10 Angus & Julia StoneCape Forestier (Play It Again Sam)

5/10 Bibi ClubFeu de garde (Secret City Records)

5/10 DehdPoetry (Fat Possum)

5/9 Friday Pilots ClubNowhere (independent)

5/10 Hot Water MusicVows (Equal Vision Records)

5/10 Jordan RakeiThe Loop (Verve Records)

5/10 Josienne ClarkeParenthesis I (Corduroy Punk Records)

5/10 Joy GuidryAMEN (Whited Sepulchre Records)

5/10 Judah & the LionThe Process (Cletus the Van)

5/10 Karin Annthrough the telescope (3amRecords)

5/10 Kings of LeonCan We Please Have Fun (LoveTap Records / Capitol Records)

5/10 Memorial – Redsetter (Real Kind Records)

5/10 Milan RingMangos (Astral People)

5/10 Rainbow Kitten SurpriseLOVE HATE MUSIC BOX (Elektra Entertainment)

5/10 Shannon & The ClamsThe Moon Is In The Wrong Place (Easy Eye Sound)

5/10 Vicky FarewellGive a Damn (Mac’s Record Label)

5/10 VillagersThe Golden Time (Domino Records)

5/10 XanaThe Sex Was Good Until It Wasn’t (independent)

5/17 American SighVirtue Signal (independent)

5/17 Ani DiFrancoUnprecedented Sh!t (Righteous Babe Records)

5/17 Billie EilishHIT ME HARD AND SOFT (Darkroom / Interscope Records)

5/17 Blitzen Trapper100’s of 1000’s, Millions of Billions (Yep Roc Records)

5/17 Cage The ElephantNeon Pill (RCA Records)

5/17 GusterOoh La La (Ocho Mule Records)

5/17 JoywavePermanent Pleasure (Cultco Music / Hollywood Records)

5/17 of MontrealLady on the Cusp (Polyvinyl)

5/17 Phoebe GoMarmalade (AWAL)

5/17 Sasha Alex SloanMe Again (Sue Perb Records / Hills Artists / Virgin Music)

5/17 SlashOrgy of the Damned (Gibson Records)

5/17 Thomas PowersA Tyrant Crying in Private (Sensible Anomie)

5/17 Twenty One PilotsClancy (Fueled By Ramen)

5/17 Victoria VictoriaSweetest Ache (independent)

5/17 ZAYNROOM UNDER THE STAIRS (Mercury / Republic Records)

5/23 Linn Koch-EmmeryBorderline Iconic (Boys tears)

5/24 Bess AtwellLight Sleeper (Real Kind Records)

5/24 Cosmo’s MidnightStop Thinking Start Feeling (RCA Records)

5/24 DIIVFrog in Boiling Water (Fantasy Records)

5/24 Field GuideRootin’ For Ya (Birthday Cake Records)

5/24 FinomNot God (Joyful Noise Recordings)

5/24 La LuzNews of the Universe (Sub Pop)

5/24 Luke FrancisSaguaro (independent)

5/24 Nathy PelusoGrasa (5020 Records / Sony Music)

5/24 Vince StaplesDark Times (Def Jam Recordings)

5/31 Arooj AftabNight Reign (Verve)

5/31 Becky HillBelieve Me Now? (Polydor Records / Eko Records)

5/31 Burr IslandDays Dreamt (Left Foot Records)

5/31 Esy TadesseAhadu (FPE Records)

5/31 HabibiDreamachine (Kill Rock Stars)

5/31 HailakerSerenity, Now (Believe)

5/31 IDAHOLapse (Arts & Crafts)

5/31 Imogen ClarkThe Art of Getting Through (independent)

5/31 Jon MuqFlying Away (Easy Eye Sound)

5/31 joshua epithetBoys And Their Video Cameras (Liberator Music)

5/31 Keaton HensonSomnambulant Cycles (Mercury KX)

5/31 LuciusWildewoman (The New Recordings) (Fantasy Records)

5/31 Lucy Kruger & The Lost BoysA Human Home (Unique Records / Metropolis Records)

5/31 The MaríasSubmarine (Nice Life Recording Company / Atlantic Records)

5/31 Maya HawkeChaos Angel (Mom + Pop Music)

5/31 Niamh ReganCome As You Are (Faction Records)

5/31 Ruby WatersWhat’s The Point (independent)

5/31 Tim AtlasEnchanté (Nettwerk Music Group)

5/31 Winnetka Bowling LeagueSha La La (Local Weather / MDDN Records)

5/??? TemsBorn in the Wild (Since ‘93 / RCA Records)

June 2024

6/6 Frankie BirdTwenty Something (independent)

6/7 Alfie TemplemanRadiosoul (Chess Club Records)

6/7 Alisa AmadorMultitudes (Honest Magic Records / Thirty Tigers)

6/7 Bathe AloneI Don’t Do Humidity (Nettwerk Music Group)

6/7 Blair GunThere Are No Rival Clones Here (Enabler No. 6 / sonaBLAST)

6/7 Bonny Light HorsemanKeep Me on Your Mind/See You Free (Jagjaguwar)

6/7 BloomsdayHeart of the Artichoke (Bayonet Records)

6/7 Bon JoviForever (Island Records)

6/7 Bored at My Grandmas HouseShow & Tell (CLUE Records / EMI North)

6/7 Carly Pearcehummingbird (Big Machine Records)

6/7 Evan HonerFighting For (Cloverdale Records)

6/7 French CassettesBenzene (Tender Loving Empire)

6/7 Ginger WinnSTOP-MOTION (Keep Good Company Records)

6/7 Goat GirlBelow the Waste (Rough Trade / Remote Control Records)

6/7 Good LooksLived Here For A While (Keeled Scales)


6/7 L’ImpératricePulsar (Microqlima)

6/7 Laura MischSample the Earth (One Little Independent Records)

6/7 Logan LynnSOFTCORE (Kill Rock Stars)

6/7 LØLØfalling for robots and wishing i was one (Hopeless Records)

6/7 Michele DucciSIVE (Monotreme Records)

6/7 The MysterinesAfraid of Tomorrows (Fiction Records)

6/7 Razor BraidsBig Wave (independent)

6/7 Sabrina SongYou Could Stay In One Spot, and I’d Love You The Same (independent)

6/14 Blvck HippieBasketball Camp (The Record Machine)

6/14 The DecemberistsAs It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again (YABB Records / Thirty Tigers)

6/14 Fana HuesMOTH (Bright Antenna Records)

6/14 Hermanos GutiérrezSonido Cósmico (Easy Eye Sound)

6/14 Hockey DadRebuild, Repeat (Farmer & The Owl)

6/14 James Vincent McMorrowWide Opens, Horses (Nettwerk Music Group)

6/14 KNEECAPFine Art (Heavenly Recordings)

6/14 Las NubesTormentas Malsanas (Sweat Records Records)

6/14 LULLANASPretty Lies & Time Machines (Nettwerk Music Group)

6/14 Meghan TrainorTimeless (Epic Records)

6/14 RJD2Visions Out of Limelight (RJ’s Electrical Connections)

6/14 – ~Searching (Luaka Bop)

6/14 Walt DiscoThe Warping (Lucky Number)

6/20 Juice MazeleeHERE NOW N FOREVER (independent)

6/21 Alice IvyDo What Makes You Happy (Helix Records)

6/21 Been StellarScream From New York, NY (Dirty Hit)

6/21 Ferry TownesSide Effects of Happiness (Licorice Pizza Records)

6/21 Lake Street DiveGood Together (Fantasy Records)

6/21 PONDStung! (Spinning Top Records)

6/21 Rui GabrielCompassion (Carpark Records)

6/21 talkerI’m Telling You the Truth (independent)

6/25 Jae SotoLeave the Light On (Switch Hit Records)

6/28 Aaron FrazerInto The Blue (Dead Oceans)

6/28 Daniel NunneleeJune, Baby (One Riot)

6/28 Dex GreenImaginary War (3Sirens Music Group)

6/28 Gabriel BirnbaumPatron Saint of Tireless Losers (Western Vinyl)

6/28 Hiatus KaiyoteLove Heart Cheat Code (Brainfeeder Records / Ninja Tune)


6/28 Imagine DragonsLOOM (KIDinaKORNER / Interscope)

6/28 Leila SunierToo Big For Right Now (independent)

6/28 LomaHow Will I Live Without A Body? (Sub Pop)

6/28 Mabe FrattiSentir Que No Sabes (Unheard Of Hope)

6/28 Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night SweatsSouth of Here (Stax Records)

6/28 People I LovePeople I Love (VHS Records)

6/28 Phillip Jon TaylorDe Nada (Wish Fulfillment Press)

6/28 Redd KrossRedd Kross (In the Red Records)

6/28 SilveradaSilverada (Prairie Rose Records)

6/28 Washed OutNotes From a Quiet Life (Sub Pop)

July 2024

7/5 Eves KarydasBurnt Tapes (independent)

7/12 Bette SmithGoodthing (independent)

7/12 BrijeanMacro (Ghostly International)

7/12 Cassandra JenkinsMy Light, My Destroyer (Dead Oceans)

7/12 Cigarettes After SexX’s (Partisan Records)

7/12 ClairoCharm (Virgin Music Group)

7/12 FontStrange Burden (Acrophase Records)

7/12 PhishEvolve (Phish Inc)

7/19 Beta RadioWaiting for the End to Come (Nettwerk Music Group)

7/19 Glass AnimalsI Love You So F***ing Much (Republic Records)

7/25 Abbie Ozardeverything still worries me (House Anxiety)

7/25 Coral Moonssummer of u (Better Company Records)

7/26 Elsy WameyoSaint Sinner (independent)

7/26 Joshua BassettThe Golden Years (Warner Records)

7/26 Little MysteryLittle Mystery (Ruination Record Co.)

7/26 MAITAwant (Fluff & Gravy Records)

7/26 Sinai VesselI Sing (Keeled Scales)

August 2024

8/2 BloodLoving You Backwards (Ramp Local)

8/9 Ravyn LenaeBird’s Eye (Atlantic Records)

8/16 Amy SharkSunday Sadness (Wonderlick / Sony Music Australia / RCA Records)

8/16 beabadoobeeThis Is How Tomorrow Moves (Dirty Hit)

8/16 Ok CowgirlCouldn’t Save Us From My Gut (Easy Does It Records)

8/23 ClosebyeHammer of My Own (independent)

8/23 Fontaines D.C.Romance (XL Recordings)

8/23 Luna LiWhen a Thought Grows Wings (In Real Life / AWAL)

8/23 SOFI TUKKERBREAD (independent)

8/30 Why BonnieWish On The Bone (Fire Talk)

8/30 WunderhorseMidas (Communion Music)

September 2024

9/6 HindsVIVA HINDS (Lucky Number)

9/6 The Howl & The HumSame Mistake Twice (Miserable Disco)

9/13 Albin Lee MeldauDiscomforts (Mayfly / Glassnote)

9/13 Lily KershawPain & More (Nettwerk Music Group)

9/20 Jake BuggA Modern Day Distraction (Arista Records)

9/20 Katy J PearsonSomeday, Now (Heavenly Recordings)

9/20 WilderadoTalker (Bright Antenna Records)

9/27 Leif VollebekkRevelation (Secret City Records)

October 2024

10/11 Faux RealFaux Ever (City Slang Records)

November 2024

11/1 School of XSeventh Heaven (Tambourhinoceros)

TBD 2024

Summer 2024 Lawrence MatthewsBetween Mortal Reach & Posthumous Grip (Golden Boi)