The Brillboard: Cozy, 01/23/2019

Brillboard 2019-01-22
Brillboard 2019-01-22

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This week’s Brillboard focuses on cozy feelings.

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This past MLK Weekend was a chilly one for most of the United States. My area in particular got blasted with a wintry mix of ice, snow, and sub-zero temperatures. With weather like this, it’s best to turn into a blanket burrito while drinking hot cocoa and listening to some chill, cozy tunes. Check below for various levels of coziness.

are you okay?” – Winnetka Bowling League

Winnetka Bowling League – surprisingly from SoCal and not from its Illinois namesake – is a juxtaposition of feel-good pop and lyrical melancholia. WBL made a strong debut with single “On the 5”, and they are currently supporting Mother Mother on a cross-country tour. While “are you okay?” is definitely more low-fi than the group’s usually breezy sound, don’t be fooled by its cozy and wholesome sound. “are you okay?” is quite sad. It’s Sad Cozy. So if you want to be like Timothée Chalamet crying in front of a warm fireplace at the end of Call Me By Your Name, “are you okay?” is for you.

Spring” – Teen Daze

Jamison Isaak, the man behind Teen Daze, makes music that is largely synthetic. Yet, somehow, his sound often feels like the most natural thing I’ve ever heard. This particular melody is called “Spring”. Because we could all use a little spring right now.

Frontline” – OAFF, Lothika

“Frontline” is a beautifully architected soundscape of strings, synth, and singing. In a word, it’s atmospheric. Lothika’s vocals are both stunning and subdued. They wax and wane, interwoven with OAFF’s sustained strings and fluttering piano keys. The second of OAFF’s two ethereal singles, “Frontline” creates a whole world just for you. Get lost in it.

Here” – Glded

“Here” is filled with entrancing guitar riffs, reverberating vocals, and a cosmic, chasmic sound. It’s as if Glded’s Ben Harper is singing into the Grand Canyon. Given the album’s mountainous artwork and lead single “Canyon,” perhaps he truly is.

take me on (chilled)” – joan

When I first came across joan, it was two years ago and the duo had one song out at the time. The song was “take me on,” but it was the original – or perhaps the “unchilled” – version. It was an upbeat, nostalgic homage to the 80s; even the name “take me on” ushers in memories of A-ha’s “Take On Me”. “take me on (chilled)”, however, is nothing like its original. The chilled version is slow-burning, sensual, and best served over ice. Catch joan on tour with half•alive, and look for me in the crowd. I’ll be the one in the burrito blanket.

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