This Just In: Under the Influence of Anteros’ Intoxicating “Drunk”

Television’s beloved Homer Simpson has one of the best quotes about alcohol: “Here’s to alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” This tongue-in-cheek approach to drinking holds a lot of merit, reminding us that when it comes to alcohol, it’s all about how you use it. You can get drunk in celebration, or you can get drunk in misery. Of course, the lines sometimes get blurry: Being the drug that it is, alcohol will quickly turn you upside down. After all, there’s no such thing as a “quick fix;” life is never that easy.

On their new song “Drunk,” Anteros explore some of the many ways in which we incorporate alcohol into our colorful lives – as a facilitator, an escape, a manipulator and a smokescreen.

I’m so drunk and in love with you
Been doing all the things that I shouldn’t do
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Atwood Magazine favorites Anteros offer something old and something new with “Drunk,” the electrifying lead single off the British band’s forthcoming sophomore Drunk EP (out 4/14/2017 via Distiller Records). The group’s first release of the year also serves as the follow-up to 2016’s Breakfast EP (9/2016 via Kissability), the well-balanced debut that included singles “Breakfast” and “The Beat.” The once-trio of Laura Hayden, Joshua Rumble, and Harry Balazs are joined by Jackson Couzens on guitar, whose addition adds a brand new layer of creativity and sound to an already brilliant dynamic.

Drunk - Anteros album art
Drunk – Anteros album art

Atwood Magazine previously wrote of Anteros, “Their songwriting prowess is evident, and their use of space and ambience within their alternative, “indie-pop” sound is admirable.” That was back in July 2015, following the release of the band’s sophomore single, “Fade to Grey” (article here). Anteros’ initial charm came from an intrepid attitude toward blending catchy music with depth and meaning. Much has changed in the nearly two years since that humble release, but to quote Led Zeppelin, the song remains the same: Anteros continue to deliver high-quality and thoughtful music, while raising the bar ever higher with each passing release.

The slam of an overdriven guitar comes in time with the crash of the drums as our “Drunk” experience begins. The heavy-hitting riff – a combined effort of guitars, bass, keys and drums – introduces a heavier rock sound that is strikingly new for Anteros, but the shoe fits perfectly: Frontwoman Laura Hayden’s voice glows over the band’s darker, fuller sound. She positions herself as leader of the rock band, singing with sharp attitude and gusto,

Fear’s been taking over me
and it’s impossible or me to breathe
Red wine spins me round again
Makes it impossible for me to see
You can stay if you want to
I can wait if you want to
Can’t make you believe
Listen, I won’t be sweet and sober long

“Drunk” looks for love at the bottom of the glass. Mixing alcohol and romance isn’t always a recipe for disaster, but it hardly ever goes down smooth. Laura Hayden stars in the “Drunk” AJ Davies-directed music video, donning a bright pink wig and coming alive in a way we’ve never quite heard from her before on record – even embracing her Catalan roots in a Spanish-spoken breakdown. Anteros’ killer instincts have been evident for quite some time (see below), but the emotive energy they emit on “Drunk” is, well, intoxicating.

The “Drunk” music video offers a lot of food for thought. Hayden is seen walking into a bar alone on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t take long to realize the camera view is actually a lustful male gaze – we, the listener, are engaged in a classic point of view shot. We take shot after shot, egging on pink-haired Hayden to keep up. She leaves to another table, continuing to drink and followed soon after by the insistent man.

Hayden downs glass after glass, innocently at first, but – as she assures us – I won’t be sweet and sober long. We see darkness creep over her as the drinking escalates; it becomes an escape from the present, a means of avoidance and elusion. The song’s chorus embraces this state, though we all know it’s a farce:

I’m so drunk and in love with you
Been doing all the crazy things that I shouldn’t do
Intoxicated in a daze, don’t want it any other way
Oh baby, I’m just drunk and in love with you

The showdown comes in a bathroom mirror, when Hayden looks in the mirror and is (essentially) told off by a stronger version of herself. She comes back and, with the support of her band, throws her drink in her aggressor’s face, regaining control and exiting the bar triumphantly.

"Drunk" - Anteros music video still
“Drunk” – Anteros music video still

Anteros leave us with that infectious chorus ringing in our heads: “I’m so drunk and in love with you…Drunk and in love: Is the love an enhancement of the real deal, or is it fool’s gold – a farce created by drunk goggles? Either way, we’ll chant our hearts out ’til there’s no breath left. Anteros are raw and pristine on “Drunk,” a powerfully catchy, multi-layered song that explores human experience through a critical and poetic lens. We expected great things from Anteros, and once again, the band came through – reminding us that they are still full of surprises. “Drunk” is a spiked punch of reality, the latest in a long list of reasons to fall in love with the ambitious entity that is Anteros.

Listen to “Drunk” on your preferred service through the link below, and stay tuned for more new music from the London four-piece: Anteros’ Drunk EP comes out April 14!

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Drunk - Anteros album art

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