Our Take: Flowertruck’s Debut ‘Mostly Sunny’ Provides a Charming Summer Anthem

Flowertruck © Christie Crawford
Flowertruck © Christie Crawford

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With its charming melodies and upbeat tempos, Flowertruck’s debut ‘Mostly Sunny’ serves as an ode to those lost summer days.

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There’s a certain beauty that is captured only in the summer season. When the days are adorned with the sun’s rays, they begin to stretch into one another. Life is paused and yet so frantic as if time itself has just broken down. It’s easy for one to be taken over by the grandeur of it all and the thoughts of what might be, where one will go. With their impassioned irreverence for normality, Flowertruck encapsulates the essence of summer with their aptly titled debut Mostly Sunny which provides listeners with beams of sunshine and helpings of shade sprinkled in.

Released back in March via Spunk Records, Mostly Sunny is Australian band Flowertruck’s major dive into the indie pop-rock sphere. They made their unique sonic signature known with their 2016 EP, Dirt, which was a lush introduction that provided warmth to its listeners with its upbeat pop melodies. Mostly Sunny is an extension of that sound, but now matured and harnessing even more versatility and charisma.

Listen: ‘Mostly Sunny’ – Flowertruck

The album opens with “Enough For Now,” a dreamy tune that utilizes soft guitar playing to make infectious hooks all while going through the feeling of inadequacy we all face in our lives.

Accompanying the song is an ’80s style music video that goes through the motions of not quite hitting the mark, whether it be poorly throwing a Frisbee or a poor attempt at hammering in a nail. But despite the lack of perfection, maybe it’s at least good enough. For now.

I must be a loser now, I’ve lost the power
Virtues crossed will take the toll, I wish I’d known, oh
Naive hope will die in time, dead under my bed
Stoic me is right behind doing push-ups in my room

The band then trades in the dreamy synths and guitar with an onrush of panic in “Falling Asleep.” It’s fast, full of percussion, and is carried with a slick bassline. All of that is wrapped around a soft synth melody that creates a tune that reminds us all that the summer day is about to wasted.

Mostly Sunny - Flowertruck
Mostly Sunny – Flowertruck
Head in my hands, weekend is spent, I guess I slept in
I’m falling asleep
Oh good night

That feeling of waking up and realizing time’s short, the day just about over, is prominent throughout. It all comes to a close with a guitar solo that imitates the frantic rush one might be in when trying to make up lost time. It’s a wild sound that will make anyone want to stand up and start dancing away that worry.

However, as the album title suggests, not everything in summer is bright.

It’s Friday night and I feel like dying
The city lights stun me
Are you alright? I feel like asking
But words feel like, of use, no use
Just don’t go
Flowertruck © Christie Crawford
Flowertruck @ Christie Crawford

The eighth track on the album, “Dying To Know” is emotionally tinged and discusses the darker, shadier, aspects of the summer season, especially when dealing with unrequited love. The soft touch of piano complement the low-volume guitar and drum playing, creating a much more somber scene than previous tracks.

With the accompanying music video, we see the protagonist running and playing inside a bouncy castle. Perhaps looking for a source of joy, the viewer can see the aimless nature of his gait, almost as if he is lost. The ephemeral nature of a summer love can have a certain weight on some, and with our protagonist, it seems that weight is too much to handle.

There’s signs of life, you’re not replying
Can’t go on like this
But I’ll be fine, I’ll just keep dialling
Till our crossed wires are fixed
And you’ll hear me calling you

Flowertruck has crafted an album that blends the indie-pop melodies of forgotten summer days with the heart-filled ballads of what could have been – and they did it beautifully. It’s infectious, it’s bustling with energy, and it’s a gorgeously layered debut album. Where ever this band will be going, we at Atwood Magazine will be sure to follow closely.

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Mostly Sunny - Flowertruck

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