Our Take: Rhys Lewis Enchants with the Reassuringly Reflective ‘In Between Minds’ EP

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British singer/songwriter Rhys Lewis delivers his finest work yet with his mesmerizing sophomore EP ‘In Between Minds,’ which sees him sharpen an already stunning sound.

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Rhys Lewis’ debut track “Waking Up Without You,” released in 2016, provided the first glimpse of his undeniably awe-inspiring talent, with the winning combination of his luxuriously reflective lyricism and astonishingly emotive voice proving to be instantly spellbinding. Subsequent tracks such as the extraordinarily energetic “Wish I Was Sober” and the painfully relatable “I Know The Feeling” further evidenced his incredible ability to introspectively draw upon his personal experiences to craft both ardently intimate heartfelt and euphorically anthemic tracks.

His second EP In Between Minds (released April 26, 2019 via Decca Records) almost ironically sees Rhys Lewis at his most assured, representing his incredible growth both as a lyricist and musician. His ever-growing success has seen him perform headline shows globally and support the likes of Sigrid, Freya Ridings and JP Cooper but instead of basking in acclaim he has, in the same way as the aforementioned artists, organically developed his sound to delicately craft music that’s singular, simply unmissable and immediately affecting.

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There’s a reassuringly comforting familiarity to Rhys’ voice, which acts as the perfect accompaniment to his bewitchingly beautiful lyricism that’s both wise and warm. The EP’s opener “Hold on to Happiness” delicately reminds the listener to cherish every flicker of joy you’re lucky enough to experience, with Rhys’ gentle vocals floating over the melancholy-bathed instrumentation. The juxtaposition of the pensive guitar strums and the sanguine lyrical sentiment is immensely intriguing whilst also strikingly exemplifying the track’s palpable emotion.

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The song’s post-chorus is almost hauntingly catchy, while the lyricism embodied in the verses is spectacularly vivid; evoking a tranquil nostalgic warmth. The following track “Better Than Today” has already firmly won a place in fan’s hearts and it’s evidently apparent why. In a world where progress seems to be increasingly hampered, social division has vehemently fractionalized society and hope seems lost, “Better Than Today” acknowledges these difficulties whilst yearning for a more harmonious future in a grounded yet buoyantly promising manner. The track also fully showcases Rhys’ spectacular voice, with his beautifully impassioned vocal performance serving as the song’s anchor. His unparrelled ability to convey a multitude of complexly intertwined emotions and feelings in a stunningly singular way shines through on this track.

The EP’s third track “End Like This” sees Rhys mournfully ponder a break-up, reflecting upon how such an intense emotional connection could dissipate to nothing. As he navigates the resultant bewilderment, there’s a powerful and piercingly painful sense of anguished uneasiness that oozes into every fibre of this track. While the track’s lyrical sentiment is poignantly relatable, on the track’s opening verse the addition of personal details brings an unbridled intimacy which persists through.

While sonically dissimilar to the two preceding tracks, the track’s exquisitely crafted lyricism, which expertly interweaves emotional accessibility and penetratingly profound detail, meaningfully links the EP’s narrative thus far. The EP’s penultimate track “Lonely as Love”, and first previously unreleased one, encompasses intoxicatingly introspective lyricism that invites intent listening while the production remains meditatively calming as it evolves and grows over the track’s run time.

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The EP’s closer sees Rhys at his most buoyant, with the track’s gleeful guitar licks and joyous vocal performance formulating a bright, breezy sense of whimsy. Crucially “Things You Can’t Change” manages to convey a light-hearted sense of intoxicating affection rooted in undying devotion that feels authentically grounded. Ultimately recognizing the importance of cherishing every aspect of a person, appreciating that their flaws and foibles are an important part of an individual who you deeply care.

On this EP, in a way he hasn’t before, Rhys reflectively explores life’s trials and tribulations in an introspectively intricate yet outward reaching way that ultimately sees him discover life-affirming purpose and meaning. It’s clear that while Rhys is still an indisputable master of crafting tracks rooted in anguishing heartbreak, he also has an exceptional knack for writing songs that are more reflectively outward-facing, entrancingly delivering observations that find solace in the darkest of times.

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In Between Minds - Rhys Lewis art
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In Between Minds

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