Today’s Song: “Honey” – Cardboard Kids



Loud, overdriven guitars, a bad-ass mentality and an overall crunch sound dripping with good old-fashioned, soul-shaking rock n’ roll: Cardboard Kids‘ music is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered! The Nashville-based trio of Jake Germany, Austin Cunningham and Brandon McFarlin released their debut album, Echo Bloomer through American Echo in May. The music may have been out for some time now, but it just made its way to my ears – and there shall it stay.

“Ah, girl you got me howling, ‘ooh – the way your body moves’…” – Cardboard Kids, “Honey”

Echo Boomer – Cardboard Kids

Today’s Southern hard rock outfits like Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Alabama Shakes, Mona and (now) Cardboard Kids share one thing in common: They hold steadfast to their music. Their albums are complete, often offering a sampling of different songwriting and musical backgrounds while all the while coming from the same musical style. Echo Boomer is cohesive – a rock album through and through. It is Cardboard Kids’ dedication to their sound and craft that makes these newcomers so exciting to hear.

As a result, this first “Today’s Song” posting is actually a double feature! Check out Cardboard Kids’ album-opening title track, “Echo Boomer.” This is the kind of song I imagine Harvey Specter (of USA’s TV show Suits) listens to in the mornings.

Listen: “Echo Boomer” – Cardboard Kids

Those clean, opening riffs get dirty – and fast – as the band jumps into high gear on their debut album’s opener. “Echo Boomer” is as much an introduction to Cardboard Kids’ sound as one could ask for. The song builds to the chorus, where an increasingly vibrant Jake Germany repeatedly sings the chorus calmly as distortion fills the void around him: “I need a way (way) out of my head.”

Cardboard Kids mean business. Go listen to their music, and enjoy your day!

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