Today’s Song: “I’m Only Joking” – KONGOS



If you don’t have crazy pounding Celtic/African-influenced drums in your musical repertoire, then you’re doing something wrong. Phoenix band KONGOS, on the other hand, are doing something very right. The only things more intense than KONGOS’ song “I’m Only Joking” are the band’s uppercase name and their logo – despite its simplicity, it gives off a very powerful vibe:


The lyrics are appropriately vague and easy to sing along to, and the beat will hypnotize you into a rhythmic daze. Get acquainted with KONGOS now and watch their kickass music video, which they fully funded, filmed and edited themselves (whaaaaat?!)

‘Nuff said: “I’m Only Joking” is not a laughing matter.

There is a song
You’re trembling to its tune
At the request of the moon

Licking her chops
She looks at the lunatics
She needs another fix

I’m only joking
I don’t believe a thing i said
What are you smoking
I’m just fucking with your head
Only a crazy
Little thing I read

read the full lyrics online here

It helps even more to know that KONGOS put on an awesome live show. “I’m Only Joking” is certainly indicative of raw live power, so be sure to catch this band in action! KONGOS hit the road for a national tour starting January 29, 2015.

KONGOS Troubador Press Photo High Res 9.4.14

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