Today’s Song: “Late” – Jungle Doctors



Wildly catchy and upbeat, Jungle Doctors’ “Late” is about the ‘paeans’ of growing up, being accountable, and taking responsibility for oneself and one’s actions. Why is it called late? We’re not sure yet; the theories are still flying around out there, and I’m not going to be the one to pigeon-hole a song’s meaning – even if I just did, to some extent.

The song’s verses and chorus act in a call-and-response system, where the verses detail action or inaction and the chorus owns up to this whole idea of “growing up.”

Verse 1

Said you wanted it but you let go
No you’re letting yourself slip
Said you wanted it but you gave up
Now every bone in your body aches
Said you wanted it but you let go
Now you’ve turned into a drip
Said you wanted it but you gave up
Now every bone in your body


You’re not a boy / Not living in a child’s world no more
You’re not a boy / What good are you for
And everything you laughed at has gone / You left it all behind
You’re not a boy

Truth be told, we’re not entirely sold on this “growing up” concept yet, but we are sold on the song. Jungle Doctors came out of left field with this track, and it is as feel good as feel good can get! With a poppy reverb-laden guitar riffing in the background and drums pounding in the forefront, “Late” is sure to make your head move – at least a little. We dig it. A wholesome life lesson and great music earn Jungle Doctors their license. Keep ‘practicing’ boys!

Check out Jungle Doctors online here!

And with that, Atwood out!

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