Today’s Song: “Whiskey Bar” – Echotape

Whiskey Bar


“Whiskey Bar” is wild, unbound, frothing at the mouth and frothing in the cup. The first ten seconds of UK band Echotape’s single set the stage for a spine-tingling four minutes of anthemic, guitar-driven rock and infectious melodies. The lyrics are as catchy as the music:

Come on darling, the sun’s gonna shine
Down on us, our golden lives
So save your money for the whiskey bar
It’s where we go Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra

As raucous as it is fun-loving, “Whiskey Bar” would fit in perfectly at a whiskey bar. The song has been stuck in my head for months ever since I first heard that opening lick; it’s a gem, and the Atwood staff cannot wait to hear what the band does next. Congratulations to Echotape for being Atwood Magazine’s first post on our new “Today’s Song” column. Furthermore, kudos to the band for making a kickass, no-frills rocker. The world needs more Whiskey Bars.

Watch: “Whiskey Bar” – Echotape


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