“We are the Young” by Camille Richez

Camille Richez


Camille Richez’s photography is magic. Every photograph Camille shoots exudes femininity, subtle sensuality. Looking at her past work, it is obvious that Camille takes time to make sure each of her photographs is more than just an image, but a record of emotion. This editorial speaks of escape, of wanderlust. Our interview with Camille gave us a peek inside her world:

Tell us about yourself.

I am a 21 year old girl from Paris. I completed a three-year study of photography last year, and I now am working as a studio assistant for a huge fashion photographer for a year. I also try to shoot for myself on the weekend when I have time.

At what moment in your life did you decide to become a photographer?
I don’t have a precise moment, I think it just went naturally, but I’d say around 15. I was photographing my best friend, and we did shootings more and more often, and this is when I decided I wanted to do this all my life.

What's the most powerful photograph you've seen? What makes it so powerful?
Ah, that’s a really hard question! I don’t have anything specific in mind. The thing with photography is that I am in love not with a single picture, but with the whole universe and special world of an artist. If I like only one picture of an artist, then it’s not really an artist for me. 

What's something people would never expect about you?

I am a very shy person, who never gets angry. I don’t know really, you should ask my friends.

View her work here

Photographer  : Camille Richez//Model : Daria A. @ Just Wm//MUA + Hair: Eleonore Mixay//Stylist : Amany Behounna
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