Premiere: Easypeel’s “Honey Glazed” Is a Bittersweet Ride

Easypeel invites audiences on an introspective and existential journey in his latest release, “Honey Glazed.”
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Here’s to lathering on something sweet and smooth: London-based artist Easypeels new single Honey Glazedbrings subdued and dreamy elements to the world of alt-pop and singer-songwriter, painting a viscous image through his colourful lyrics.

Honey Glazed - Easypeel
Honey Glazed – Easypeel
Sweep the streets ‘til the bins are filled
We’re the kind of meat that you’re glad to kill
All honey glazed
Honey Glazed

The tall, curly haired man behind the alias, Tom Morley, based out of South East London, works out of his leafy Woolwich recording studio named Saccharin,where he has created an urban oasis filled with plants and an amazing view of the River Thames.

Last March, Morely was dogsitting at his parents house, toying with various songwriting ideas, drawing inspiration from Brooklyn band Big Thiefs song Masterpieceand exploring the deeper themes of connection and how people interact or isolate themselves from the world around them. In a contemplative and slightly nihilistic epiphany, Morely came to the realisation that we ourselves are nature; sickly hunks of meat dressed up in civilisation,and in expanding upon that revelation pieced together the resulting track: Honey Glazed,” which Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering today.

Sleep deprived, we’re the walking dead
We walk the walk right back into bed
All honey glazed
Honey Glazed

To set the tone, the song begins with a few seconds of melancholic and slightly dissonant chords on an electric guitar before Easypeels soft voice clears the soundspace. The works lower tempo allows each instrument room to breathe and contribute to the overall atmosphere and message of the track. Ultimately, Honey Glazedfeels very much like a culmination of self-reflective moments and Morelys own steadfast observationabout the fast pace of modern life. It arguably brings to light something experienced by many around the world: The phenomenon of trying to find where one fits within society, and on a macro-scale a search for a greater purpose.

When speaking about the track, Morely tells Atwood Magazine, I find it impossible to feel connected and in the moment, especially living in a major city like London. Even when I experience vast, open landscapes I feel like Im looking in on something; blinking hard and struggling to take it all in.” 

Honey Glazedshowcases a fantastic sense of progression both musically and lyrically, driven by many dynamic changes throughout the piece. At the beginning of this journey, Morely suggests society at large has become dispirited and complacent, through verses filled with metaphors comparing us to the walking dead.At around the halfway point, this sense of discouragement begins to transition into longing best exemplified by the lyric, Settle in to a hungry mind, the dream devouring, lonely kind.

Finally, in the last quarter of the track, the narrative takes a turn for the less bleak as Easypeel indulges in a proverbial taxi ride. On that spur of the moment trip, he can, Let the honey drip into [his] honey mouth.Such a conclusion is memorable for its realism. No one can expect to turn their life around on a dime, but we can at least appreciate the sweet moments when they come about.

I treat myself to riding in a taxi
Let the honey drip into my honey mouth
And I’ll be right back
I’m making for the back seat where I lived
And honey stayed
Honey stayed
We’re honey glazed
Honey glazed

As “Honey Glazed” dips between moments of intimacy and impact nuanced with melancholic sentiments, the track feels very much like a work of personal expression which were able to experience second-hand. Easypeel takes an authentic approach to songwriting which errs on the more introspective, and this is certainly the case for Honey Glazed.” Stream the single exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Stream: “Honey Glazed” – Easypeel
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Honey Glazed - Easypeel

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