Today’s Song: Celebrating Imperfection Through a Welcomed Goodbye

Lianne La Havas © John Paul Pietrus
Lianne La Havas © John Paul Pietrus

Humanity has its imperfections, that’s what defines our species- but why do people struggle to adapt to change when an imperfection presents itself? Perhaps it has something to do with lack of control or perceived lack of direction associated with imperfections. Maybe the loss of someone results in losing your source of strength, or failing at a desire that was once so prominent leaves you completely overwhelmed. Any experience that is undertaken leaves an impression on your life; it becomes part of your story. You collate memories and hope that one day the good outweighs the bad. Experience becomes ingrained within you and the constant is that it has the capacity to change how you perceive the world.

Listen: “Good Goodbye” – Lianne La Havas


“Good Goodbye” is the last track on Lianne La Havas’ second album Blood (July 2015 via Warner Bros. Records ). It fittingly ends the showcase of tracks that align with self-discovery. There is a delicate, subtle attitude that defines this breathtaking ballad. The consistent use of plucked electric guitar helps to mould La Havas’ sound, paired with her infinite use of dissonant harmonies and luscious vocals. The smooth flowing and ever-developing rising harmonies and melodic lines are all pushing towards overcoming the seemingly impossible. La Havas’ voice dusts all of your memories up off the floor in a very gentle and convincing manner. You feel as though you can face your demons head on, whilst most importantly, forgiving yourself.

Everybody raise a glass, here’s to a good goodbye

La Havas uses a common social practice, that of raising a glass to drive home the idea that you should celebrate those events or people in your past who have hurt or left you. You can reject the thought that your once picture perfect future has been tainted or shattered, it takes more than time to accept. Leaving a toxic situation or relationship is a default coping mechanism associated with imperfection, yet it is one of the most bittersweet decisions you can ever make.

This is an anthem advocating for inner peace, not the turmoil that comes with unexpected or unwanted change. Learning to forgive yourself is one of the most powerful lessons you can ever learn; La Havas just makes the road to acceptance that little bit easier.

Blood - Lianne La Havas
Blood – Lianne La Havas

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