Today’s Song: How Jessie Paege Encourages Healing with “History Will Not Repeat”

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Generational curses: is it possible to put an end to them or not? Jessie Paege gives her answer in the song “History Will Not Repeat.”
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Listen: “History Will Never Repeat” – Jessie Paege

Healing is a long and complicated process. You must first learn to recognize your own traumas and their consequences. Then understand the causes, without condemning or justifying anyone. Afterward comes the most difficult part; growing up. Becoming aware of what happened and moving on, trying to detach yourself from your past without completely forgetting it. Today we will talk about this troubled and overwhelming journey through one of Jessie Paege’s latest pieces, “History Will Not Repeat.”

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History Will Never Repeat – Jessie Paege

It all comes from the awareness of pain, the desire to overcome her own childhood traumas. In fact, Jessie realizes that the cause of this trauma is her family. So, a deep fear is instilled in her, one that no one would ever want to feel; what if she was destined to become like them? Are generational mistakes really curses without remedy? “History Will Not Repeat” has the answer to that question right in the title: breaking generational chains is possible, and Jessie wants to prove it.

The song was born from the anger and determination not to fall back into the sins committed by our abusers. Trying to break away from a toxic environment is not only possible, but it is a real duty in order to respect and safeguard your own mental health. Of course, it takes courage, a great desire to improve, and a lot of patience. What consoles, however, is knowing that you are not alone, because Jessie made a whole song about it. “History Will Not Repeat” reminds abuse survivors that they should be proud to have made it, but above all, it serves as an example to those who keep living those situations every day.

In her song, Paege looks at reality without filters, she sings about how she’s trying to improve herself – without hiding her fears. Even her relationships are difficult because she has always been led to imitate “what she had seen”. By now, it seems that the ghosts of her past really torment her all the time. How to get rid of them? Will she be able to do it for real sooner or later?

Once I left the nest
I found the same person in a different heartbeat
The only way I knew chemistry (Chemistry)
Was to repeat what I had seen
And I let it slip through the cracks
Into intimacy and identity
Those that gave life to me
Have no shadow over me (Shadow over me)
And I fear my destiny
Will this curse follow me?
I study to be the opposite breed
And fear when I see similarity
It won’t let me sleep at night (Sleep at night)
Is this who I’m meant to be? (I’m meant to be)
Haunted for eternity
History will not repeat

The hope to change, however, is there, and is repeated during the chorus with the line “history will not repeat”. As the artist also sings, she definitely can’t change her life and choose another family, that’s true. She does, however, want to find and get away from those who hurt her, finally letting go of her huge emotional luggage.

With “History Will Not Repeat,” Jessie is here to make a very specific point that everyone should understand and take as an example. It’s more than legitimate (in fact, rightful) to take a break, if not a total detachment, from someone who makes us feel bad. You are just as valid if you don’t feel ready to do so, for one reason or another. And for those who have already succeeded, it’s perfectly normal to keep wondering if you are destined to repeat the mistakes of others, too. Everyone goes through a traumatic experience in their own way, coping and overcoming it however they choose. The important thing is to arrive at the end of the day proud of yourself and full of hope for the future because no one deserves to be unhappy due to other people’s mistakes. History will not repeat, indeed.

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Listen: “History Will Never Repeat” – Jessie Paege

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