Our Take: Haux’s Heartbreaking EP Is Truly ‘Something to Remember’

Haux © Woodson Black
Haux © Woodson Black

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Haux’s powerfully poignant Something to Remember EP is a vivid indie folk tapestry overcome with grief and heartache.

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Heartbreak has so many soundtracks, each telling a different, but familiar story of loss, sorrow and pain. As difficult as these emotions are to deal with on an individual basis, sharing them with the world and connecting through mutual experience helps ease the burden. Haux is the latest artist to share his heartbreak: His powerfully poignant Something to Remember EP (out today, 3/30/2018 via Ultra) is a vivid indie folk tapestry overcome with grief and heartache.

Remember Cologne
When it’s late at night
You’re all alone
You’re not feeling right
Can you see the lights?
Are we losing sight?
Listen: ‘Something to Remember’ [EP] – Haux

Haux is neither the first, nor is he the last musician to share a collection of heartbroken songs, but Something to Remember stays faithful to its name in making a memorable and lasting imprint on the mind. The musical project for Massachusetts-based photographer-cum-musician Woodson Black, Haux has been weaving hauntingly beautiful minimalist ballads for the past four years. His 2016 debut EP All We’ve Known featured the fragile, hopeful “Seaside,” which Atwood Magazine previously described as “a love song and a life counsel all in one, promising only great things to come.”

Something to Remember - Haux
Something to Remember – Haux

The past two years have seen Haux take off, bringing his music to concert halls throughout North America and Europe. Something to Remember adds an intimate layer of melancholy warmth to Haux’s already breathtaking catalog, capturing what can only be described as an artist in mourning: The EP introduces six bittersweet songs, each one telling a new tale of love and suffering.

Heartstricken opener “Cologne” is a fitting entrance to the EP, an ethereal and grounded appeal for love at the eleventh hour. “You traced your hands across my back, you whispered, if time could only take us back, would you take me back?” Haux sings to some now-distant, once-significant other. His chest voice blends with his silvery falsetto amongst a mellow ensemble of subtle piano and percussion. Each instrument feeds of the others, building slowly without ever stepping into the spotlight.

Haux © Woodson Black
Haux © Woodson Black

So much of the pain in heartbreak comes from the what-ifs that will never be realized: Imagined futures that exist only in idea. Haux taps into this pain throughout his EP, wallowing in the comfortable memories of times past in songs like “Heartbeat” and “Touch,” the latter of which asks a question similar to the one we heard back in “Cologne”: “If we fell in love, if we had enough, would you let me go?” The action (let me go vs take me back) may be switched, but the emotion remains the same.

Yet nowhere is the depth of Haux’s pain laid out as clearly and profoundly as on the song “Ricochet,” whose slow cadence allows the artist’s inimitable poetry to shine:

The warmest night I ever felt
I spent with you
The fireflies they multiply
Escape from view
You say you don’t know me
You don’t say
But could you ever see me that way
You say I don’t know now
That’s ok
If you’re the rock
I’m the ricochet
The coldest night i ever felt
I spent with you
It was always you
The fire died
Our hearts were pried
They split in two
You say you don’t love me
I’m too plain
You say you never could see me that way
You say I don’t know now
That’s ok
If I’m the rock
you’re the ricochet

If I’m the rock, you’re the ricochet,” Haux sings, emotion overwhelming him so much at times that his soft vocal becomes nearly inaudible.

Heartbreak may be one of the hardest topics to envelop oneself in, because it necessitates reliving the hurt again and again. Yet in dwelling in that sadness and embracing his pain and loss, Haux has managed to create something wondrous – a tear-jerkingly, devastatingly graceful record whose soothing sounds and honest self-expression cut us to our core. Something to Remember is a record for waking and for sleeping – a refreshing expression of one of the most powerful feelings we can ever know.

While Haux ends this particular serenade far too soon, his final lyrics mark a celestial capstone to this unequivocally human endeavor.

Arrows cut from the woods
with love that we sheltered
and misunderstood
Shadows  sing from the walls
longing for bodies
the ones that they lost
Acres fill up the lakes
the land of our fathers
the ones we forsake
If you leave  don’t forget
If you love don’t regret
If you leave don’t forget
all the love that you left

– “Arrows,” Haux

Haux’s sophomore EP is truly Something to Remember, finding the artist diving deeper than ever before into himself, in order to give of himself to us, his audience. It’s full of pain, passion, and heart, and it’s utterly magnificent.

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Something to Remember - Haux

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12 May – Berne, Switzerland – ISC
13 May – Zurich, Switzerland – Exil
14 May – Milan, Italy – Serraglio
16 May – Vienna, Austria – Chelsea
17 May – Berlin, Germany – Musik & Frieden
19 May – Copenhagen, Denmark – Ideal Bar
21 May – Stockholm, Sweden – Bar Brooklyn
22 May – Hamburg, Germany – Nochtspeicher
23 May – Cologne, Germany – Yuca
24 May – Roubaix, France – la Cave aux Poètes
26 May – Utrecht, Netherlands – EKKO
28 May – Groningen, Netherlands – USVA
29 May – Paris, France – Le Point Ephémère
1 June – London, UK – Omeara (tickets)
2 June – Glasgow, UK – Stereo (tickets)
14 July – Madrid, Spain – Mad Cool Festival


12 June – Washington, DC – DC9
13 June – Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade
14 June – Boston, MA – Middle East Upstairs
15 June – Montreal, QC @ Le Ministère
16 June – Toronto, ON @ Drake Hotel
19 June – Chicago – IL @ Schubas Tavern
22 June –  Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room
23 June –  Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge
24 June – San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
28 June – Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
29 June – Vancouver, BC @ Fox Cabaret
30 June – Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern
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