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The Start to a Beautiful Friendship

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In 2020 I was introduced to Atwood Magazine with the release of my first EP Everyone Knows The Thrill When It’s Over. Atwood shared such a great, in-depth and thoughtful feature and review written by Mitch Mosk. It gave my record a trusted voice that shared my music to a new set of ears and assured them it was worth the listen. Like all independent artists, having that support out of the gate on a debut independent release was vital and not only gave listeners confidence in the project, but myself too. When you independently release something into the abyss of online noise, no matter how much work you put in or how sure you are of it, there’s always the question of if it’s being heard. Someone DID hear it though, through the noise and I really saw first hand how important a platform like Atwood is to musicians and fans alike. <3

I’m currently in the midst of releasing brand new music, two singles deep with another three to follow. My new release has been my favorite so far, which you can read all about on Atwood here, but this brings me to ‘Some Kind of Blog’ and what I’m doing here.

I’m still an indie. I’ve followed many release strategies and campaigns. I’m starting to learn about Web3 (before it takes over). I even push for a viral Tiktok once in a while (can’t WAIT for my  TikTok deep dive with you someday LOL). New experiences or challenges come up everyday while I try to navigate my career path, from early 20s to now. I’ve had to backtrack a few times from following the wrong directions so to speak so I’ve learned that I simply can not do anything that doesn’t feel honest or true to ME and I’m pretty sure anyone that watches or listens would agree. Gimmicks and inauthenticity kind of sucks and I’m guilty of high-key embarrassing myself once or twice.

So in this collaboration with Atwood, I wanted to create a space for my messy, sometimes chaotic but honest self to live and breathe and thrive with you. To connect on cool subjects and of course, music. I might already do a form of sharing on some of my social media platforms but this will be special with an added layer of exclusivity and definitely more open since there isn’t a character limit to cut me off or Elon Musk breathing down my neck (jk). Fitting with my ‘idgaf’ ‘raised in the tumblr era’ building-my-first-Piczo-site-in-elementary-school self, I feel like I’m able to get to know you much deeper and vice versa. Admittingly I’m a little rusty, still an artist first (and even then words aren’t my absolute forte) but here we go! – Natalie Lynn, Loviet

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Loviet @ School Night!

LA & NY shows, Feb 6 & 7, 2023

Loviet @ School Night


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Atwood brings together voices and fans who truly listen and enjoy music. I feel I relate to you guys more than anyone and when I hear something I love, I wanna scream about it and I’m not too cool to do so. It’s all about sharing and connecting for me and I’m excited to indulge with you and scream about things I love. OR that I don’t love so much. Guess we’ll see. But the common goal and interest here is and always will be great music and honest writing. At the LEAST I hope I can keep this mildly entertaining for you as a reader.

Have a look around the page that I’m treating like my teenage bedroom. My favorite music is on the playlist below. My merch will be hanging somewhere here soon. My own music and articles are linked over there while right here is where I’ll be updating a blog with all my thoughts just for you over the coming weeks 😉 buckle up.


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Loviet Tour Dates

11/3-6: Sydney, NS @ Nova Scotia Music Week
02/16-18: Norrkoping, SE @ Future Echoes Festival
02/21: Manchester, UK @ Gullivers
02/22: Bristol, UK @ Crofters
02/23: London, UK @ The Grace

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Broken Lips - Loviet

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