Review: PHANGS Proves ‘N°1 Loves You’ Like He Does

PHANGS © 2018
PHANGS © 2018
N°1 Loves You takes all of PHANGS’ previous aural triumphs, and culminates his sonic adeptness into pure pop fantasy.

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How many times can we here at Atwood Magazine write about Nashville pop phenom PHANGS? The answer, quite simply, is that the limit does not exist. Through his synthpop mastery that has continued to evolve over the last two years, we have come to know and love PHANGS as a virtuoso of his craft; someone who should not be ignored in the vast musical landscape. Over the course of his career, he’s proved that he more than deserves his stake in pop music.

On Friday, September 7th, PHANGS yet again proved why we love him so much, releasing an illusory 3-track EP entitled N°1 Loves You. N°1 Loves You takes all of PHANGS’ previous aural triumphs, and culminates his sonic adeptness into pure pop fantasy. Over the course of three songs, we find PHANGS delving deeper into his own emotionality, maintaining a self-awareness that is wholly palpable.

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The EP begins with the mellowed “Bathroom Floor,” a dreamy, slower pop jam laced with hazy synths and PHANGS’ distinctive vocal rasp. “Bathroom Floor” feels cognizant and conscious, using its percipience to elevate the narrative to an innately personal tone. The track questions cyclical habits, wondering how and if things will ever truly change. It does this, too, not just in relation to external facets – but internal as well.

Fell into your pattern
Knowing who you were before
Thought it’d be different
Thought I’d be different
Discussing who we wouldn’t
be on your bathroom floor
Why do I let you do this to me?
Bathroom Floor,” PHANGS
N°1 Loves You - PHANGS
N°1 Loves You – PHANGS

Following “Bathroom Floor” is the EP’s namesake, “N°1 Loves You.” The eponymous song is a masterful feat in pure pop music goodness, explicating an honest account of unrequited affection. PHANGS calls out the prospective love interest on their BS, telling them to stop running away from something that makes them happy. Communication is key, and that’s all PHANGS asks from them. With its production, too, “N°1 Loves You” trounces as PHANGS’ most impressive song to date, utilizing a bouncy guitar riff coupled with glimmering keys, and could undoubtedly serve as his ultimate push into mainstream pop stardom.

You say you’re making plans
With somebody else
But we both know you’re full of shit
When are you gonna see
That nobody else is gonna fix you up like this
No one loves you
No one wants you
Like I do
N°1 Loves You,” PHANGS

Closing out the record is “Nothing To Do With You,” a stripped-down, self-reflective tune that finds PHANGS solely examining himself and his own lifestyle choices, reiterating that most of these things are by his own accord. “Nothing To Do With You” is PHANGS’ first truly barebones song, highlighting his prowess in a different, albeit equally admirable, light. Primarily using guitar and later developing into a synthpop ballad peppered with distinct percussion, the “Nothing To Do With You” ultimately outshines itself over the course of just 3 minutes. The song, written with producer Brett Truitt, showcases PHANGS at his most vulnerable, elucidating a narrative that gleans authenticity in every way.

I dyed my hair to prove I knew the old me
It’s got nothing to do with you
It’s got nothing to do with you
And I moved halfway across the country, yeah
But it’s got nothing to do with you
It’s got nothing to do with you
Nothing to Do with You,” PHANGS

As PHANGS continues to develop and evolve his musical persona, one cannot help but feel awe-inspired by the definitive and unmistakable growth that has transpired. His songs have not only progressed in their technicality, but also the way in which PHANGS shares his anecdotal life. Over the last two years, PHANGS has remained nevertheless transparent in his storytelling, if not becoming more so, while simultaneously increasing his production value tenfold. N°1 Loves PHANGS like we do, and he’s continued to give us every reason to do so.

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