Premiere: You’ll Want to Blast The Two Tens’ Latest Song “On Repeat”

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The corniest thing one could possibly say about The Two Tens’ latest single is also, for better or worse, the truest: Clocking in at just over 2 minutes, “On Repeat” is the garage-punk love song you’ll want to listen to over and over again… on repeat.

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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “On Repeat,” the latest single off The Two Tens’ upcoming sophomore album, On Repeat (out August 18, 2017 via Man Della Records). Active since 2014, the LA-based duo of Adam Bones and Rikki Styxx amped up the energy and increased the passion on their second effort, consciously expanding upon the raw volatility of their ferocious and appropriately-titled debut Volume.

On Repeat - The Two Tens

On Repeat – The Two Tens

Rule my world
Tell me what you want
Hold it in your hand
Baby take charge

That is not to say newcomers won’t be shaken awake by The Two Tens’ electrifying sound, nor that faithful fans will be dismayed. “We lead the album off with this title track because we feel that it represents the energy behind the record and sets the tone for what follows,” explains The Two Tens. “The song hits hard, full rock turned to 11. It’s a song about taking control, domination and the passion of wanting something or someone over and over. We hope you will listen to it ‘on repeat’ along with the entire album!”

Play with me, tease me, chase me
Catch me, change me, change me
I want you on repeat
Can I have you on repeat?
Want you on repeat…

“On Repeat” is an exercise in focused tension and bombastic release, the successful result of a band consciously developing their musicality and embracing inspiration wherever it waits to be found. Everything is amped up, beginning with the relentless guitar riff that pierces the quiet air. By the time you know what’s hit you, Adam Bones is begging to be played with, teased, chased, and changed: His demeanor is more obsessive than desperate, but impulse leads us down many roads, and we play the hands we’re dealt. Lust can often drive one insane, but in a “good way” – an endearing way, if you will – and the manic affection that shines through The Two Tens’ music is as much the product of, as it is the inspiration for the band’s effortlessly raw, viciously on-point music.

Out August 18, On Repeat promises to knock you out, resuscitate you, and knock you out again. Prepare for the onslaught with The Two Tens’ hyperdrive title track, and stay connect with the band via their socials below for more info.

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On Repeat - The Two Tens

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