Premiere: Sophian’s Mesmerizing “Dance With Me” Encourages the Ideality of Trusting & Believing in Oneself

Sophian "Dance With Me" © Tallulah Armenti
Sophian "Dance With Me" © Tallulah Armenti
Boorloo / Perth-based indie rock band Sophian energize and empower on their rhythmic new single “Dance With Me,” a song about never giving up on yourself.
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Throughout life there are moments in time where we doubt ourselves. We wonder if life will turn out the way we have expected or if it will totally surprise us. 99% of the time, it is the latter. As much as we might want to know the next step, life happens the most in the moments where we may feel completely lost. When we do not know the path we are heading on.

Unfortunately, when these times happen, we can become our own worst critic. This is when the doubt kicks in. “Am I good enough?” “What am I supposed to do next?” “Do I just settle?” When these negative thoughts trickle in, we have to try to remember that this is something everyone has to go through and it is human nature to think this way; that this uncertainty will pass, and we are each amazing individuals brought here for something worthwhile. The bumps in the road are vital to becoming that best version of oneself.

If life was switched and someone dear to your heart was speaking such negative things about themself, would you like that? What if your best friend told you they were feeling such a way? Or your sibling? You probably wouldn’t. So, why talk about yourself that way? Give yourself the love you would give to your best friend, sibling or whoever you hold close.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Sophian’s new single “Dance With Me,” ahead of its release on February 22, 2024. The energetic and lighthearted track ponders on this concept of negative thinking and self-love, but Sophian know how to bring that spark and excitement of life back into it all. Instead of drowning in one’s gloomy thoughts, they lead you to do one of life’s finest pleasures – dance!

Dance With Me - Sophian
Dance With Me – Sophian

Formed in 2022 and based in Boorloo / Perth, Australia, Sophian is composed of singer Sophian Manik, bassist Julia Krsanac, drummer Tyler Vivian and guitarist Michael Madafferi. They recently joined COTERIE on their regional tour, and have supported artists such as DICE, Mitch Santiago and Kim Churchill. After selling out their last three hometown shows, Sophian is on the rise and has everyone patiently waiting on what they will conquer next. “Dance With Me,” being their next move.

Produced by Dave Parkin at Blackbird Studios, “Dance With Me” was inspired after a conversation frontman Manik had with two people he loved.

“Two people that I really love and cherish in my life had been sharing their thoughts on how they feel they aren’t good enough and were struggling to find the path forward,” Manik tells Atwood Magazine. “It was really tough to hear how these people I love and cherish so much were feeling this way. Especially because I could see how beautiful and strong they were. In my head at that time, all I could think about was, ‘I wish you could see who and what I see’ Because you are both gold, two of the most beautiful people I know. The more I sat on those feelings and thoughts I knew all they needed was a little push to know they had the backing and support of people that loved them. And that is how ‘Dance With Me’ came to life. It’s a song about encouragement and to be the best version of yourself, all while having a little dance. We love our songs to be uplifting.”

Sophian © 2024
Sophian © Tallulah Armenti

The track is a breath of fresh air as Manik’s vocals float effortlessly through the song’s lyrics. Its groovy and upbeat tune provides this sense of ease that’s entangled with euphoria. Its dreamlike elements make for a song that can be blasted in any situation, whether it’s on an eight hour road trip, a night under neon lights or on a mid-morning sunny day.

Tell me what you wanna know
All the things that would help you grow
And no I won’t let you overflow
You’ve got this you’re in control

The track’s first verse sets the scene for the breezy single. Manik’s words bring solace as he sings about alleviating the feeling of being overwhelmed. He reminds us that we are in control of the outcome that may be weighing heavy on our heart. As hard as life may get, as little as we may feel sometimes, we are the ones behind the steering wheel and where we end up driving to is our own choice.

And oh I, I know, what it’s like to be there,
feel unseen, yeah, but don’t be afraid

If there is one thing I can do i’ll keep you safe
I, wanna ask you something now
Would you dance with me,
will you dance with me tonight
Cause you’d burn this roof right down
Oh so dance with me, dance with me

What is refreshing about this song is Sophian makes sure that no one is alone. They touch upon how they have known what it is like to feel invisible. Instead of letting those thoughts consume you though, Sophian inspires you to dance and leave the distress behind. With an innovative melody that shimmers, the single evokes happiness and turns the feeling of loneliness to one that makes you feel on top of the world.

Well I’ll tell you what I wanna know
I’m a little scared cause I’ve been feeling low
I didn’t want it to be a one time thing
It’s cold but I’m coming out for spring
Oh I, I know, what it’s like to be there,
feel unseen yeah, don’t be afraid

If there is one thing I can do, i’ll keep you safe
Oh well I, wanna ask you something now
Would you dance with me,
will you dance with me tonight

Cause you’d burn this roof right down
Oh so dance with me, dance with me
Sophian © 2024
Sophian © Tallulah Armenti

Manik’s voice draws out the syllables of some words, sending sparks through your body which you can detect in the depths of your bones. His high notes are impeccable and blend so well with the vibratory instrumentals.

Maybe it’s time that you don’t set yourself in the middle
You’ve got to pick yourself up and see you for who you are
So don’t run, don’t rush yourself
It’s not a race, not some kind of high

“Dance With Me” calls to the attention that we are all in charge of our own destinies and hints at the concept that we are all our own worst enemies. However, if we stop doubting and discouraging ourselves and put that energy into a more positive mindset, we can become the absolute best version of ourselves. A version that is completely unstoppable because when we see ourselves for who we truly are, the world becomes our oyster.

Still I, I wanted to ask you something now
Would you dance with me,
will you dance with me tonight
Cause you’d burn this roof right down,
So dance with me, dance with me

The notion of dancing for the night is revitalizing. The simple action can relieve one of one’s troubles. It’s freeing, invigorating and makes you feel alive. So the juxtaposition of going from worrisome to light and unbound to our darkest thoughts, simply by getting lost in a dance, proves that life is meant to be consumed by pure and utter joy. As Sophian’s funky beat glistens through influential drums and unique guitar and bass riffs, “Dance With Me” radiates and reflects that delight.

Never gonna be the time
Everybody needs somebody
Tryna make the climb and find
Take a leap of faith and fall in
Sophian "Dance With Me" © 2024
Sophian “Dance With Me” © Tallulah Armenti

The new release is accompanied by a vibey, magnetizing music video directed and edited by Sarah Haleem and filmed at Feld & Co in Boorloo / Perth. Cool colored tones compliment the comforting and liberating feeling the music provides. Between spotlights on each member of the band and a glittering disco ball, this video brings forth the point of the whole song gorgeously – to dance!

Sophian is set to perform at the upcoming Nannup Music Festival. They are also on the lineup for BOOTY BLOCK PARTY, featuring Bootleg Rascal alongside Danté Knows, Chandler Jewels and King Ibis. The band will be going on their first East Coast Tour as well. “Dance With Me” is available worldwide on February 22, 2024.

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Dance With Me - Sophian

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