Premiere: Stone Irr Battles the Discomforts of a Mismatched Relationship on “Fine with Me”

Stone Irr © Anna Powell Teeter
Stone Irr © Anna Powell Teeter
Intimate delicacy and warm rock melodies combine on Stone Irr’s “Fine with Me,” a track that navigates a relationship in turmoil and the anxiety that follows closely behind.
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It’s not often when one can see their own relationship wilting right before them, even worse when the blame is on them. Whether it’s intentional or not, coming to the realization that a relationship is being seen by two different viewpoints leaves a stinging sensation that only grows with each passing day. Stone Irr harnesses this hurt on his latest single “Fine With Me” and presents it with a warm rock melody that combines the best of Midwestern indie and West Coast pop-rock, and Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering it today!

Patience album art – Stone Irr

Singer-songwriter Stone Irr (yes, that’s his real name) is an amalgamation of multiple styles ranging from classic indie rhythms to dazzling and delightful rock instrumentations. Irr exists in multiple spaces, and each one he occupies is all the brighter because of it. When it comes to creating this unique space, it all begins with his vocal work. Irr sings with a delicate balladry that softly wraps its way around the ears with an inviting embrace, grabbing hold the attention of all of those who chose to press “play.” With “Fine With Me,” fans can expect the same alluring qualities Irr has shown in the past, only this time it’s stronger in its force, and it’s presence livelier than ever.

Press my hands into
Feel the warmth inside
Every little thread
All my punctured lives
I am on a roll
Like two years before
Taking every soul
That’s not yet malleable

Acoustic guitar strums begin setting the stage for the track with Irr’s vocals following soon after. His faint vocal presence adds a captivating level on intimacy to the track, as if Irr is detailing this story to individuals one-on-one. As he continues singing, percussions begin to make its way into the mix with electric guitar not far behind. As the rest of the band finishes joining in, a rich, full sound is achieved, entrancing listeners with its stellar style variations and providing the best of both the indie and rock worlds.

And I’m sorry
My words are meaningless
When you’re standing drunk
I’m cold and sober

“’Fine With Me’ is about that moment of anxiety and discomfort you experience when you realize you’ve been leading someone — essentially observing that you’re both approaching the relationship from two very different places,” explained Irr to Atwood.  “I never imagined that this would be recorded with a full band but once that became a possibility I wanted this sort of Pedro the Lion-type of sound – a bit of a restrained yet slightly distorted rock vibe.”

You can’t take it back
Though you wish you could
Now you’re holding on
To that book I lent
I don’t even care
If you tear the pages out
Just be fine with me
And I’ll be fine with you
Stone Irr © Anna Powell Teeter

As the track progresses, nearing the final verse, an onrush of emotion from Irr is showcased through the repetition of “I’ll be fine with you.” It’s at this point that the track is at its boldest with the bustling instrumentation and Irr’s soft vocals now possessing a level of grit to them. This is also the point where his lyricism shines. “This carnal trance I love it so/I was afraid to let you go,” he croons with an impassioned demeanor. The last verse as a whole feels the most open as if Irr is letting it all out and being honest with not just himself but his partner. It’s a gorgeous closing arraignment that wraps up this story of love with distinction and power.

I thought of her the whole damn time
I was afraid to let you know
This carnal trance I love it so
I was afraid to let you go
Who am I to kid I felt nothing
Your heart to break is a choice I make
I thought of her the whole damn time
I was afraid to let you know

Stone Irr is almost like an oxymoron. His vocals create aural dreamscapes that can soothe even the most hardened of individuals, but he can simultaneously get a crowd moving their feet with his rock-inspired riffs, and “Fine With Me” provides the perfect example of that talent. He’s an artist whose musicality seems unending, serving to only heighten his status as an artist to be on the lookout for.

Fans can expect to hear more with his upcoming album Performance due out on September 20 via Darling Recordings.

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