Today’s Song: Tones and I’s “Eyes Don’t Lie” Is a Powerful Ode to Moving On

Tones and I © Giulia McGauran
Tones and I © Giulia McGauran
Australian singer/songwriter Tones and I captures themes of moving on, loneliness and letting go in her new song, “Eyes Don’t Lie.”
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Leaving behind something or someone that means a lot to you can be difficult. But as time moves on, you start to come to terms with the end of it all. You may even have epiphanies about the person, the situation or whatever it is that came to an end. You start to understand why it did not work out. Tones and I’s song “Eyes Don’t Lie,” explores these intense realizations. But it also emphasizes the weight being lifted off someone’s shoulders when they finally get rid of the relationship that drains them.

Eyes Don't Lie - Tones and I
Eyes Don’t Lie – Tones and I

On March 17, “Eyes Don’t Lie” was the first single released in 2022 by the Australian singer/songwriter. Tones’ gritty and powerful vocals are accompanied by strong guitar strumming and a variety of different beats, keeping you on a rollercoaster of emotion.

According to Rolling Stone Australia, Tones explained how “Eyes Don’t Lie” was written about the large loss of someone/something. “Resenting the person/feeling you get and realising it was a toxic person/feeling all along,” she said. “Someone taking advantage of you and you taking advantage of yourself. Feeling better off and putting that last bit of bitterness behind you,” she added. “The music video reflects being alone, but not lonely. Escaping something that hurt and happy to be wherever else, even though it’s over. I am still reflecting and telling my story one last time, before I move on.”

And I know the story goes
You say you really tried, you didn’t try at all
So now you hate the world
It hates you back is your excuse to fall
You say you’re dead inside
So you decide to cut off everyone
Cut off everyone
Tones and I © courtesy of the artist
Tones and I © courtesy of the artist

Tones belts the chorus in a way that stings the heart. Her long yet achingly beautiful notes, encompass the relatable situation she is singing about. But it also stresses the point of how frustrating the situation can actually be. For example, her line, “And I know the story goes/ You say you really tried, you didn’t try at all,” shows the aggravation someone can feel when all they want is some effort. But that person insists they put in as much as they could. When in reality, they did not, and that is what caused the situation to land in its fate of dying off.

Heard you try to place the blame on your brother
Heard it’s everybody else’s fault
You’re home alone, inside for summer
Now you can’t deny the times
you lied and cried,
you missed your mother
Cried and missed your mother, oh

This idea really comes forth in her verses. In this specific verse, she talks about how this person will blame the situation on any possible thing before turning to themselves and seeing where they are at fault.

Tones and I © Giulia McGauran
Tones and I © Giulia McGauran

Tones and I © Giulia McGauran
Tones and I © Giulia McGauran
Are you a stranger? (Are you a stranger?)
But you seem so familiar
It’s hard to explain, yeah (it’s hard to explain, yeah)
From what I can see, from what I can see
And maybe I’m broken
But my arms are wide open for ya
And you’ll never know it, but you’re just like me
From what I can see

The resentment feeling that she explained the song was about, is really touched upon within these couple of lines. You can hear the hurt in her voice as she poses the question, “Are you a stranger?” It points out the epiphany someone has when they realize the person they thought they knew, is no longer who they thought they were.

Tones not only named her song after the saying, “Eyes don’t lie,” but she also plays with the concept throughout.

As she repeats it time and time again, it is as if she is drilling that concept into her mind. In situations like the one she is singing about; people tend to make up excuses for the other person involved. “They said this,” or “They did this,” does not matter at the end of the day. What does? The truth that lies within their eyes.

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Stream: “Eyes Don’t Lie” – Tones and I

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Eyes Don't Lie - Tones and I

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