Premiere: Reverie, Rebirth & Reflection in A.U.R.A’s Enchanting “Immensely I”

A.U.R.A © Albert Mikolaj Williams
A.U.R.A © Albert Mikolaj Williams
A passionate rush of warm indie folk reverie, A.U.R.A’s enchanting song “Immensely I” captures rebirth and reflection through a tender confession self.
for fans of Fleet Foxes, Lord Huron, Hozier
Stream: “Immensely I” – A.U.R.A
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Identity is never static; we are transient beings — always growing, changing, and on the move. Who you are at this very moment differs slightly from who you were yesterday and tomorrow, and massively from who you were two years ago, and who you’ll be two years from now. Still, there are certain core elements that define us; our key drivers, they remain steadfast amongst in otherwise turbulent, ever-transforming identities.

What happens, then, when our cores shatter and change? A passionate rush of warm indie folk reverie, A.U.R.A’s “Immensely I” captures rebirth and reflection through a tender confession self.

A.U.R.A - Secret Intelligent Light
Secret Intelligent Light – A.U.R.A
I once was a woman
In my mother
Under her beating drum
Now I’m a baby boy
No sense of myself
Dressed in blue
In a church song
Crying…..crying mother
Birthdays, schooldays, fire brigades

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Immensely I,” the third single taken from A.U.R.A’s upcoming debut album, Secret Intelligent Light (out March 8, 2019 via Los Angeles boutique label Cosmic Dreamer). Led by singer/songwriter Albert Mikołaj, A.U.R.A originates in Naenae, New Zealand, and came to be during a “life-changing detour through South America.” Mikołaj describes the artistic endeavor as a “dream canvas,” expressing the aura as a “glossy translucent cocoon that coexists as a necessary artifice between audience and performer.” Completed by Ben Lemi (French for Rabbits, Trinity Roots) Deanne Krieg (Ida Lune) and Samuel Austin, A.U.R.A’s music is indulgent and absorptive: A lush, dynamic array of indie folk radiating human depth and untethered emotion.

Preceded by singles “G.I. Wonder” and “Who Decides,” “Immensely I” is A.U.R.A’s most emphatic release to-date, a heartfelt and resolute expression of self. Albert Mikołaj describes the song as “an elegy for rebirth… redolent of glowing psychedelic pop, almost deliberately subdued by a euphonic counter-point vocal pattern… the lyrics came when I was reading a lot of Sufi Poetry, mainly Rumi. It’s a song that celebrates the mother and marginalizes the ego.”

It’s a raw reflection of my wild, unbounded core-self being slowly eroded by the emotional pain of growth.

A.U.R.A © Albert Mikolaj Williams
A.U.R.A © Albert Mikolaj Williams
I need to hungry
There’s so much I don’t know
I need to be thinking
There’s so much I don’t need to know

“Immensely I” is a testament to where we’re from and how we got here. It’s a recognition of life’s volatility; a confession that much of who we are is in flux and up for incessant debate. However, there’s no disputing where we came from, or how we got here. Our most concrete defining factors are quite possibly the mothers who bore us; in putting them before us, A.U.R.A offer not only a stirring display of humility and love, but also a higher-level perspective on how we distinguish and define ourselves.

An elegant and ever-flowing dreamscape, “Immensely I” is the kind of song that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. There’s so much to love about A.U.R.A’s sound and style, and now’s the time to completely immerse yourself in this highly-promising artist-to-watch: Stream “Immensely I” exclusively on Atwood Magazine.

A.U.R.A’s debut album Secret Intelligent Light is out March 8, 2019!

I once was a woman
In my mother,
Under her lighting brain
Now I’m a man-child
With my memories
To much sense of myself
Dressed in blue in a church song
Crying…crying mother
Birthdays, schooldays, fire brigades
Stream: “Immensely I” – A.U.R.A
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A.U.R.A - Secret Intelligent Light

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? © Albert Mikołaj Williams

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