The Brillboard: Support, 03/06/2019

Brillboard 2019-03-06
Brillboard 2019-03-06

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This week’s Brillboard focuses on support.

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This week’s Brillboard is about support. The four tracks below all focus on supportive relationships, whether they are internal or interpersonal ones. In the spirit of International Women’s Day (Friday March 8th), all of these tracks are brought to you by some of the great female voices of indie music.

Leaning on Myself – Anna of the North

This first track comes from our favorite Game of Thrones character, Anna of the North. Norway’s Anna Lotterud has come a long way since dropping her debut single back in 2014. She’s appeared on The Late Show, has dropped her first full-length album, and has provided her electro-pop vocals to acts like G-Eazy and Tyler, the Creator. “Leaning On Myself” is the latest track from the Norwegian singer-songwriter. Slow, soothing, and synth-pop, the single speaks of independence and intrinsic support.

Blosso (Demo) – Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy epitomized undomesticated feminism with her 2018 track “Your Dog”. Its opening line – “I don’t wanna be your fucking dog” – is by far the most commanding and attention-grabbing start to a song that I’ve ever heard. Released when she was just 20 years old, it’s all the more empowering. It’s now a year later and Nashville native Sophie Allison is back with a dual-track release. On it is “Blossom – Demo”, another song that’s unafraid of confrontation and calling people out on their shortcomings. “Blossom” is much more than a demo; it’s a story. It tells the death of an unhealthy relationship and the budding of a relationship with “someone who has time” to nurture and support her. It’s still a bit away, but Soccer Mommy can see it “blossom in the future that [she’s] dreaming”.

Note to Self – Yaeger

Meet Hanna Jäger, the 20-year-old female powerhouse behind Yaeger. Jäger comes from Sweden, a country with 24 hour sunlit summers – and it shows. Her tracks are filled with youthful energy and her lyrics are penned with infectious positivity. Even her outfits are radiant; in photos or on stage you’ll always see Jäger funneling that Swedish sunshine into some bright yellow track suit or accessory. She’s Yaeger Yellow, and her song “Note To Self” is no different. A track off EP Gul, “Note To Self” is an anthem for self-care and personal fulfillment. It is a song about being the best and truest version of yourself, instead of faking it to please others. As Jäger sings again and again, “You should do it all for yourself… and nobody else.”

Count on You – Paperwhite

Closing out this week’s Brillboard is a recent song by Paperwhite. Comprised of Katie Marshall and her brother Ben, Paperwhite got their start in Boston before the sibling duo moved over to New York City. “Count On You”, the band’s latest track, is all about interpersonal support. “Can I count on you to pull me up when it’s too much,” pleads Katie over Ben’s backing instrumentals. “Count On You” has that same, perfect dreamy electropop quality that their other tracks have, but my favorite aspect of this song is its lyrics. This could be penned to a lover, but it could just as easily be meant for a housemate, sibling, mother, or most anyone else. Circumventing the typical gushy romantics you might find in other tracks (a quick Google search could find you plenty of examples), the Marshalls give us a song that is honest and vulnerable.

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