Today’s Song: golda may’s “Care” Delicately Touches Our Collective Core Wound

Care - Golda May
Care - Golda May
Rising indie singer/songwriter golda may’s glimmering single “Care” is soulful, evocative, and painfully human.
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Ukrainian-American singer/songwriter golda may continues to be one to watch, and closely.

Growing up in the suburbs of San Diego, her parents discovered her natural musical gift, and as a young girl, she received formal operatic training. Today, she resides in Los Angeles. Life experiences have moved and changed her, but her affinity for the polished, aesthetic beauty found in opera remains ever-present. Her style has evolved to become emotionally raw, often with electrifying, layered vocals (redolent of Sylvan Esso), yet her technical vocal chops are detectable and serve to elevate the earnest, armorless quality she naturally possesses.

Care - Golda May
Care – Golda May

Since her debut single “Wish I Was Someone Else” released in 2019, I have been captivated by golda may’s soaring, precise vocal style combined with her intuitive songwriting sensibilities. In 2020, her powerhouse single ‘Water’ was included in the soundtrack of the Netflix film ‘The Weekend Away’ (starring Leighton Meester), and from there, golda continued to land a string of elegant sync placements in the ad, TV, and film spaces. Her original song ‘New York’ was featured in a David Yurman jewelry campaign (starring Scarlett Johannson!), her poignant cover of The Killers’ classic ‘Read My Mind’ in Netflix film ‘Love Hard’, and her imaginative cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’ in Timothee Chalamet’s Apple TV+ series, ‘Calls’. In 2021, she was featured on beloved polymathic producer Photay’s single, ‘Villain’. Her trajectory has been dynamic and bursting with exciting displays of talent, each release leaving listeners desperately craving more.

Her latest single, “Care” (released in February 2024), feels as though it has always been there, only choosing to reveal itself when it knows its audience is ready to receive. In this evocative, twinkling offering, golda may dives straight into the heart of love.

The only way I knew how to get you to touch me
Was by pointing out the parts where it hurt in my body
And you so gently found the parts
I couldn’t reach but you went too deep
Do you care about me?

The contrast between golda’s signature angelic sound and her forthright lyricism is one of the many refreshing things about her. She explores, with candor and awareness, the pitfalls and paradoxes of seeking wholeness in the external, and more specifically, in another human being. The single is imbued with piercing sincerity: her effortless guitar-picking beneath gentle, rousing vocals (a combination reminiscent of Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker) feels like a deep release, for both artist and listener alike. golda may removes her layers, one by one, lovingly inviting us to unravel with her and join her radical cocoon of hushed fearlessness.

The feeling in my heart gets to quiet down a bit
When you’re standing in the kitchen and cooking up a fit
Watch you talk into sadness
I try to pull you out but I’m no good at it
Do you care about me?
Golda May © 2024
Golda May © 2024

“Care” paints vivid, heart-rending imagery of an intimate experience that often feels like a private, even shameful, one.

But golda may’s proclivity for subtle, observational wisdom gives an alluring power to her songwriting. Allowing her to emerge as something of an emotional alchemist, she spins scenes of love and longing, conjuring the familiar ache of suppressed desire, shining light in the darkest corners.

The only way I know how
to tell you that I love you
is pulling you apart watch you go in the rear view
But by now there’s nothing that we could do
I kiss your hands so sweet but still you choose to leave
Do you care about me?

This ephemeral dream fades, and on a wave of lush strings, our guide drifts back into mystery. ‘Care’ leaves us cloaked in the curious comfort of knowing that so much of what we hold true is, in fact, entirely illusory.

Watch the ethereal ‘Care’ music video (directed by Eve Rydberg) below!

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Stream: “Care” – golda may

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Care - Golda May

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