“Most nights I don’t go there”: Laci Kaye Booth Strolls Down Memory Lane in Her Dreamy Song “Sometimes”

Laci Kaye Booth © Acacia Evans
Laci Kaye Booth © Acacia Evans
Country artist Laci Kaye Booth shines on her smooth, dreamy summer song “Sometimes,” an accidental wander down memory lane and a love who drove away.
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Laci Kaye Booth has been making country music for the last decade, both as an independent artist and a major label artist.

If her name sounds familiar, it’s because Booth finished in the Top 5 of American Idol’s 17th season. Booth’s home is now with Geffen Music, where she’s been releasing a steady stream of singles including “Cigarettes,” “True Love,” and now “Sometimes.”

What ties all of Booth’s recent incarnations together is a steely determination wrapped in a velvet softness. Her songwriting is raw and honest but because of her smooth delivery, you often don’t notice until you’re on your third listen – and the words come through a hurt you had thought you’d put to bed.

Sometimes - Laci Kaye Booth
Sometimes – Laci Kaye Booth
Most nights I don’t go there,
standing in the place where
I watched you pull out the drive
And I don’t care to think of
where you and I might be
if we never said goodbye

Of “Sometimes,” Booth says, “This song baby of mine is 4 years old. I wrote the first couple of lines under the full moon and then finished the rest with my dear friends Ben West and Melissa Peirce Mahnke over Zoom, during lockdown. It feels nostalgic and it feels free.”

Booth’s love of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks comes through in full force in this song with the moody opening electric guitar and the groove of an acoustic guitar. You can see yourself dancing on a beach under the full moon, the sand still warm under your feet.

Sometimes I just might
drink tequila straight on a Tuesday night
And sometimes when the moon is high
The way that it shines hits a memory just right
Oh sometimes, sometimes
Laci Kaye Booth © Acacia Evans
Laci Kaye Booth © Acacia Evans

“Sometimes” is an accidental wander down memory lane, with Booth remembering a love that drove away. Her songwriting is complex, poetic even:

Seems like most of the while
I’m walking on sunshine, feeling alright
But some days when it rains
I start to hear a whisper of things you would say

Booth often shares new music on Instagram before she releases it. Usually, it’s Booth reclined on the floor or on a kitchen worktop with her guitar and her golden hair draped over her shoulder.

If her newest video is anything to go by, then we as listeners have more beautiful complexities to come.

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Stream: “Sometimes” – Laci Kaye Booth

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Sometimes - Laci Kaye Booth

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