Premiere: The Ache & Inner Longing of Cereus Bright’s “Chasing the Feeling”

Cereus Bright © Ross Bustin
Cereus Bright © Ross Bustin
A moody and moving indie folk reverie, Cereus Bright’s “Chasing the Feeling” aches with the intimate inner longings of our unquenchable human souls.
for fans of Lord Huron, Gregory Alan Isakov, Sturgill Simpson
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We all feel it: That inner ache in our guts – an invisible, ever-present pressure pushing us forward, onward toward some ethereal unknown. We don’t necessarily need to know what we’re searching for; the fact that we’re searching in the first place is enough – but every day we get a little closer to a place of clarity, connection, and catharsis. Cereus Bright’s new single is an ode to that most human of journeys: The one that never really ends. A moody and moving indie folk reverie, “Chasing the Feeling” aches with the intimate inner longings of our unquenchable souls.

Chasing the Feeling - Cereus Bright
Chasing the Feeling – Cereus Bright
Taking too many hits
The first time, the first time
Bury everything alive
Living another life
Waiting, behind you
The dog with a broken chain
Trying to stay
Chasing the feeling
The feeling, again

There’s something deeply insatiable about the human experience; we’re never 100% satisfied, nor should we be. There’s just too much to experience in one lifetime to ever stop climbing.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Chasing the Feeling,” Cereus Bright’s third single of the year (out August 11, 2023 via Nettwerk Music Group). Following on the heels of recent singles “Seven Wonders” and “Horizons,” “Chasing the Feeling” finds Knoxville, Tennessee’s Cereus Bright weaving a world of warmth and tender wonder as he picks apart, and tries to make sense of, humanity’s intrinsic unrelenting drive.

Cereus Bright © Ross Bustin
Cereus Bright © Ross Bustin

The musical moniker for singer, songwriter, and artist Tyler Anthony, Cereus Bright has been captivating audiences with an ever-evolving mix of folk, rock, and Americana for the past ten-plus years now. 2016’s debut album Excuses and 2021’s sophomore LP Give Me Time (both also released via Nettwerk) are definitive highlights in a bustling catalog full of vivid sound, soul-stirring poetry, and deep rumination, and as he continues on into his second decade, Cereus Bright seems more than ever committed to a chase of his own.

With a sonic template comparable to songs by Lord Huron, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Sturgill Simpson, “Chasing the Feeling” is a soothing, seductive daydream.

“‘Chasing the Feeling’ charts the kinds of longings we all have. The first seed of this song came from a friend processing an intense acid trip. They felt rearranged, but unsure of what they wanted. Was it to return to normal? Was it to get back to that high? In a lot of ways, it’s how I felt about my life too – looking for something but not sure what it was.”

“As the months went on, the simple idea kept worming itself forward, not because it was so profound but more because it was always prevalent. After a particularly hard season of work and life, I found myself struggling to connect with my partner – and there it was again, longing and discontent.”

“Our first version of this song was louder and harder, but eventually, it felt important to make it more subtle and melancholy. For me, that’s what the core of this feeling really is – a quiet desire to return to something that feels better than today.”

Cereus Bright © Ross Bustin
Cereus Bright © Ross Bustin

Dirty dishes in the kitchen sink
Broken behind me
I’d never let you leave
I’m begging
Believe me
Chasing the feeling
Chasing the feeling
Chasing the feeling…

Cereus Bright’s words are few in number, but what he lacks in verbosity he makes up for with a stunning array of intense emotions. As serene as it is, “Chasing the Feeling” succeeds at capturing the beauty and the slog of our unrelenting quest. Maybe part of being alive means being a constant explorer. Sometimes you know what you’re after, and other times it’s just a gut sense; a tug at your heartstrings, a knot in your chest, a yearning in your soul. Stream “Chasing the Feeling” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more from Cereus Bright as he continues to release new songs throughout the year!

“Chasing the Feeling” is out August 11 via Nettwerk Music Group.

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Stream: “Chasing the Feeling” – Cereus Bright

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Chasing the Feeling - Cereus Bright

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