Premiere: Chuck is a Band Delivers a Unique Blend of Boisterous Anguish on “Used to Be”

Used to Be - Chuck is a Band
An honest portrayal of the effects coming out has, Chuck is a Band’s “Used to Be” is a personal dive that is laced with infectious guitar licks and a smooth vocal presence.
“Used to Be” – Chuck is a Band

Despite only having two songs to their name, Chuck is a Band is starting strong on their musical journey. The band’s brand of rock tendencies provide uplifting harmonies that one can easily move and lose themselves to, and “Used to Be” only further showcases this penchant for allure. The song, however, is a bit of a ruse. These boisterous melodies and sweet vocal presence are all for a story of hurt – but it’s told in such a manner where hope and growth are not far from reach.

Used to Be – Chuck is a Band

Chuck is a Band is a mélange of styles and names – consisting of members Tim Very (drums) and Andy Prince (bass) of Manchester Orchestra, former Tiger Jaws member Pat Benson (guitar), producer Kyle Berzle, and lead by Megan Benavente of Pinegrove and her own solo venture as Megan Michelle Bird. They each bring their own style to the mix and the result is a bombastic outpour of infectious rhythms, charming licks, and an inexplicable warmth. There is a freeing feeling when listening as if untethered from any stresses or worries, and “Used to Be” delivers on this in a beautiful manner.

Do you still pray to god
That this is just a phase
Because there’s no room in your heart
For me this way
You don’t make the rules
Just blindly follow
Sacrifice my blood
To ease your sorrow

The personal nature of the track is apparent with each lyric sung, and Benavente’s willingness to allow listeners to see and hear these thoughts and moments is courageous, making the listening experience all the more tantalizing. “This is the most personal song that I have ever written,” explains Benavente. “Since coming out as queer years ago, it has shifted parts of the relationship that I have with my mom due to her religion, and in turn caused some tension within myself regarding what that means. This song is based off of a letter that I started writing years ago to her and for myself in an attempt to try and be honest about how that kind of rejection has affected me.”

You say you love me while
Unable to admit
What was unconditional
Now has fine print
All the while
I remain close by your side
For fear of what it would
Mean to say goodbye
Chuck is a Band © Brittany O’Brien


The guitar melodies set a stage of delight while the drums back it up with energetic glee that, when combined with the dulcet vocals of Benavente, carry with it a sonic wave of unabashed levity that is carried throughout the entire song’s duration. Nearing the end, things are slowed to a brief halt, Benavente herself taking center stage as she sets up the final chorus. In an instant, a rush of instrumentation breaks the silence and leaves with it a trace of empowerment. A listen that will leave many feeling enriched.

Does it even matter
That nothing’s wrong
Those words leave me shattered
I used to be yours

Courageous would be the most appropriate word for Chuck is a Band; from their sound to their storytelling, the band is clearly not aiming for anything less than greatness, and they are well on their way to leaving their stamp on the scene. Their debut EP Tender Kid releases September 18, and if “Used to Be” is anything to go off of, it’ll be nothing short of exceptional.

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“Used to Be” – Chuck is a Band

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