Interview: K-Pop Group CRAVITY Share Their Comeback Process, Favorite Dishes, & A Message to LUVITY

CRAVITY 'SUN SEEKER' © courtesy of the artist
CRAVITY 'SUN SEEKER' © courtesy of the artist
K-Pop boy group CRAVITY gush about their recent comeback, share some artists from their playlist and share some loving words to their fans!

CRAVITY have taken the K-Pop world by storm in 2023.

The group consists of nine members: Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, and Seongmin. Under Starship Entertainment, they debuted in April of 2020 and have had a whirlwind of a career ever since. From the start they were coined as “Monster Rookies” and became the first rookie group in 2020 to hit the Billboard 200. They recently released their sixth mini-album, entitled SUN SEEKER, in September. Now fresh off their world tour, festival run, and multiple comebacks, the group have proven they have much to offer in the music scene.

CRAVITY sat down with Atwood Magazine after their performances at KCon in Los Angeles and Krazy K-Pop Super Concert in New York. The group gushed about their recent comeback and favorite cities and answered questions from their beloved fans, called LUVITY.

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CRAVITY 'SUN SEEKER' © courtesy of the artist
CRAVITY ‘SUN SEEKER’ © courtesy of the artist



Atwood Magazine: Congratulations on your comeback, how has it been since release?

Taeyoung: We really been really good cause we’re having fun with our fans and it’s just been really fun!

Can you tell us a little bit about the process of creating your latest mini-album SUN SEEKER, and what you’re hoping LUVITY gets from listening to this record?

Allen: We actually prepared our album while we were on our world tour, so it was a really tight schedule. But we managed to fit in all the recording, music video shooting and dance practices within these [limited] time slots. We hope our listeners can get a new sense of confidence and hope that you’ll be able to seek your sun or what you’re gravitated towards. We want our fans to always want to achieve their goals and we are going to be there to help you.

Do you have a favorite song from this new project?

Minhee: I have one! My favorite song is “Vibration” because I like “Vibration” vibes. It’s a sexy song.

Woobin: (with a thumbs up) I like every song I wrote!

CRAVITY © courtesy of the artist
CRAVITY © courtesy of the artist

Atwood had the pleasure of seeing your performances at KCON and Krazy K-Pop Super Concert. Your fans have been enjoying your stages, how has performing at festivals been?

Taeyoung: Thanks for coming by the way!

Serim: Because there are K-Pop fans overseas that aren’t just LUVITY, I am super thankful to be able to show who we are and perform at these festivals.

You also just came off your recent world tour, how was being on the road? Was there a most memorable moment from the tour?

Jungmo: In the US, when we are performing, the US fans always dance with us. It was amazing! I like their vibe!

What do you guys do right before going on stage? Does the group have any rituals or do you guys do anything to hype yourselves or each other up?

Taeyoung: We always do this “Hwaiting” thing. In this tour we do this kind of routine based on our song “Fly.” We [put our hands together in a circle] and say “I gaze up, I gaze up, I gaze up…” and then the city name! [and then break on the city name]. So for example, “I gaze up, I gaze up, I gaze up… CHICAGO!!!”

Do you have a favorite city you’ve visited so far?

Wonjin: Paris was my favorite city when we went for Music Bank. I really like the Paris mood, I think it suits me.

Jungmo: My favorite city is LA! Allen’s hometown! We also filmed the “Cheese” music video in LA. The street was really beautiful. It’s super pretty so I love LA.

CRAVITY © courtesy of the artist
CRAVITY © courtesy of the artist

The next few questions are from LUVITY. We received over 200 questions from your fans, so they’re very excited to see this interview.

Allen: Good question!

Woobin: Lauv’s song “Breathe” and “Steal the Show”

Allen: While traveling I like to listen to more calm and relaxing songs. This year I discovered a new artist and I think she’s up and coming for her unique sound. She’s called Laufey and she’s a jazz pop artist and she’s reviving an old genre. I dig it!

Taeyong: We don’t know all the member’s [sleeping schedule] cause we separate our dorms. But in my dorms, the first person that wakes up early is Allen I think. I’m always second. And the latest person is Minhee, Woobin or Wonjin… I don’t know! Who is it?!

Serim: I don’t know which member wakes up first, but I definitely wake up the latest in my dorm.

Allen: Wow! Good questions

Woobin: I recommend “The Colorful!”

Seongmin: I have one! I recommend “Ready or Not!”

Allen: Also during this one time “Fly” got really popular on Twitter. Cause I think people were saying “why don’t K-Pop boy groups make fun songs anymore?” Someone then posted a link to “Fly” and said “literally Cravity!” We hope more people can know about our songs, we have so many fun songs for you guys to cheer your day up. We got “Cheese” also on this new album, so give it a listen!

Allen: You know what, at that moment, I felt like I deserved it. Cause I worked really hard to get to where I am right now. To  be able to see my role model Taemin, the person that got me into wanting to become a K-Pop idol in the first place, in my hometown of Los Angeles, is so unreal. It felt so surreal, it felt like a dream! I was just so happy at that moment.

Minhee: I think we all listen to each other and comfort each other pretty well.

Serim: We are family!

Allen: We have these family talks, where all nine of us get together and share any worries or concerns.

**Answers all feature a translation from Allen, even though we assured him we could just write the Korean names for all of them!

Taeyoung: Samgyeopsal

Allen translation: Pork belly

Jungmo: Steak

Allen translation: Steak for Jungmo!

Hyeongjun: Sondubu jjigae

Allen translation: Soft tofu stew

Seongmin: Tanghulu

Allen translation: That’s like sugar covered fruits

Jungmo: Oh oh! Yukhoe bimbimbap!

Allen translation: Beef tartare mixed rice!

That’s all the fan questions! Since LUVITY had so many great questions for you, do you each have any final words for them?

Allen: LUVITY thank you so much for the questions, we’re sorry we couldn’t get to all of them. We had such a great time at Atwood. Thank you so much for all the love and support throughout all the times. Keep listening to our music and we hope you gain a lot of strength from it.

We will continue to repay all that love with better music and better performances, so keep tuning into CRAVITY! Thank you so much! We love y’all!

CRAVITY © courtesy of the artist
CRAVITY © courtesy of the artist

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CRAVITY’s latest mini-album SUN SEEKER is available to stream on all music platforms.

On November 1st, the group released a music video for a song off that record, titled “Megaphone.” The music video is available to view on YouTube now; stay tuned for more to come from CRAVITY as they continue to take the world by storm in 2024!

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