Today’s Song: UK Duo Holy Fool Provides a Warm Thirst and Vulnerability in “Ache”

Holy Fool "Ache" © Christian Tierney
Holy Fool "Ache" © Christian Tierney
UK alternative/indie rock duo Holy Fool’s third single “Ache” is a captivating narration of just how far your passion can go.
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Have you ever pined for someone so strongly the ache was just too much to bear?

We have all been there, and Holy Fool’s new single “Ache” focuses on exactly that. The melancholic, grunge-fused, rock track encapsulates that hurt beautifully. Through gravelly guitars and pulsating drums mimicking a pounding heart, that intensity is deeply felt. The hazy, psychedelic air is also a highly intriguing element of the piece. Though the atmosphere has taken on a relaxed quality, there is no shortage of raw angst.

Ache - Holy Fool
Ache – Holy Fool
Straight from the mountain top
I’m calling out, I’m calling out
Into the empty rooms,
I’m pouring out, I’m pouring out

It can be hard to know where someone stands especially when it comes to matters of love. As much as you may spill your heart and soul, the other person could be holding back – and Holy Fool are definitely not holding back.

The relatively new band, who debuted last June, are fully dedicated to their craft and put it all on the line for every release. Together, the pair of Lorne MacFadyen and Joshua Woolf blend ’70s Americana with a Scottish rock n’ roll sound. Their other songs “Winter Coat” and “Queen of the Dead” also ooze with an overflow of emotion. That fiery desire makes their music undeniably special.

But if you walk away I’ll ache for you
I’ll ache for you, I’ll ache for you
I’ll ache for you
Holy Fool © Christian Tierney
Holy Fool © Christian Tierney

Holy Fool © Christian Tierney
Holy Fool © Christian Tierney

The more “Ache” pushes on, the tension builds. Within this offering of stirring awakening we understand truly what it means to yearn. We immerse ourselves in the craving and the want. We are seduced by that sentiment, ready to fully shout it out.

Selling myself to you,
cold calling now, cold calling now
Tear up the agony,
come feel it out, come scream it out

It is only fitting a twosome titled Holy Fool produce a single detailing the idea of being a fool for someone. Lust can drive you mad if you let it. “Ache” is the tale of a bleeding heart unsure of what is to be received in return. The one thing we do know…I’ll ache for you.

And if the levee breaks I’ll ache for you
I’ll ache for you, I’ll ache for you,
I’ll ache for you

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Stream: “Ache” – Holy Fool

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Ache - Holy Fool

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? © Christian Tierney

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