Premiere: Relax & Take Flight with Das Kope’s “L.A.X.”

Ethereal, atmospheric, and flying 20,000 miles above the Earth, Das Kope’s “L.A.X.” is a hazy tribute to travel and transit.
for fans of MGMT, Foster the People, Empire of the Sun

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Ethereal, atmospheric, and flying 20,000 miles above the Earth, Das Kope’s “L.A.X.” is a hazy tribute to travel and transit. Life is eternally transient, but humanity has done its best to create stability in an ether: We’ve developed universal means to track life through time, settled into clusters of countries, cities, and townships, and established trades of all kinds so that we may each find purpose and feel as though our lives bear meaning. Incredible, the system works!

L.A.X. - Das Kope
L.A.X. – Das Kope

Still, there exists within us that inner compulsion toward nomadic existence – the life of our ancient ancestors, who traveled the world bit by bit, roaming the lands in search of food, shelter, and more. Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “L.A.X.,” an ode to that mystic movement that today exists in the form of ferries and airplanes. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil and now based in Hollywood, psychedelia-savvy producer/musician Das Kope explores what it means to be a globetrotter today – how cultural inculcation and immersion impacts the individual in a plethora of ways. Released alongside a trippy music video full of old-school flash and effects, “L.A.X.” feels unthered and spacey – it floats freely, sans-anchor, through a world of unlimited potential.

Das Kope © George Pimentela
Das Kope © courtesy of the artist

“L.A.X. is about reaching a higher level, by experiencing cultures and flying,” Das Kope tells Atwood Magazine. “It is inspired by different ways of flying, literally and metaphorically. Airports could also be a state of mind.”

The artist continues, “I watched a documentary once, and I remember an astronaut saying that if everyone could see Earth from outer space, the world would be a better place. That idea also inspired me to make the video.”

We all feel small seeing our home planet from space. It’s a humbling feeling, to realize how little matter you physically take up in the universe of things. Still, life is undoubtedly magical – and we are sparks of that brilliant beauty. Das Kope’s airy, lo-fi voice guides our ears through a synthy, soul-inflected psych-pop journey. Recalling the likes of MGMT, Foster the People, and Empire of the Sun, Das Kope evokes a fully immersive feeling of existential flotation: Of going where the four winds take us, come what may.

The artist, far from his hometown, is redefining what it means for him to be in transit, and what it means for him to be home. Stream “L.A.X.” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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L.A.X. - Das Kope

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