Today’s Song: Lemondrop’s Youthful & Exciting Groove on “Strawberry Wine”

Strawberry Wine - Lemondrop
Strawberry Wine - Lemondrop
Nashville’s Lemondrop nestle into a sound that feels both familiar and fresh on their latest single, “Strawberry Wine.”
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Stream: “Strawberry Wine” – Lemondrop

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In a time of uncertainty and social distancing, I’ve found myself reaching for songs that either sound like spring, or songs with a touch of ever-nostalgic teen angst. Lemondrop’s latest single “Strawberry Wine” happens to fit neatly into both of those categories. A four-piece from Nashville, Lemondrop is comprised of Joni Lemons, David Moran, Brandon Cary, and Max Moser; together, they are relative newcomers to the rock scene with three singles out thus far. Self-described as, “if Joyce Manor, Maroon 5, The Black Keys and Julien Baker decided to form a band together for some reason,” it’s safe to say Lemondrop is nestling into a sound that feels both familiar and fresh.

Strawberry Wine - Lemondrop
Strawberry Wine – Lemondrop

In sound, “Strawberry Wine” recalls the scene of springtime college parties, and lyrically, tells of the age-old dilemma of continually falling for someone who isn’t quite falling for you. Beginning with a sparse guitar lick, “Strawberry Wine” eases us in before getting directly to the point, with lead singer Joni Lemons singing matter-of-factly to the song’s subject:

You call me strawberry wine
So you can drink me dry
And walk away with a buzz
You think you’ve got me so high
Say I look good in the sky
Another member of the club
You wear your fools gold
Acting like you’re old school
And I fall for it every time
You call me when it’s dark
Like it’s the only time to talk
And I pick up every night

The electric guitar drives on, and Lemons’ vocals are cool and clean enough to turn heads in a crowded room. She sings with a double-sided clarity, knowing the song’s subject will “only call when it’s dark,” and also knowing she’ll always answer the phone. In a brief moment of contemplation, Lemons wonders:

When did I turn into a damsel
Heart beating too fast for casual

That small pause makes way for the chorus, and it’s both raucous and fun. Each band member gives their all, building up to a guitar solo that calls on the kind of angsty punk/rock I first fell in love with in high school. It’s here that Lemondrop creates a moment, if played live, where everyone in the crowd would no doubt be paying attention, heads bobbing, singing along by the end.

Lemondrop © 2020
Lemondrop © 2020

I said the sun has never looked better
You couldn’t be bothered,
but you still drink me under
So I’ll wait around while you don’t call me mine
Let you finish off your glass of strawberry wine

Though “Strawberry Wine” might be about a frustrating relationship that never was, it embodies a youthful energy that makes you want to shake it off and dance it out with your friends on a perfectly warm night. Lemondrop may just be getting started, but “Strawberry Wine” is an especially exciting place to start. Stream Lemondrop’s “Strawberry Wine,” as well as their other singles “That’s All She Wrote,” “Seven” wherever you listen to music!

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Stream: “Strawberry Wine” – Lemondrop

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Strawberry Wine - Lemondrop

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