Premiere: Ren Geisick’s “Love Song #1” is a Bloom of Heartfelt Adoration

Ren Geisick © 2017
Ren Geisick © 2017

For the star-crossed lovers, those chasing the one that got away and for those who are defiant in their feelings for someone, there’s “Love Song #1.” Ren Geisick has turned all those blurred feelings, second guesses, doubts and confirmations into clarity.

Classic and understated, “Love Song #1” is a breezy and minimal track that presents Ren Geisick to the world with her heart on her sleeve. The lyrics gently tie the loose emotions many people hold whilst Geisick poetically admits her adoration.

Holding your hand so tight
watching the purple sky
and I guess I know what love is like.
The times I love the most
are when you hold me close.
will you always stay here with me?
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Love Song #1,” which would find its home as the soundtrack to a sunset evening. Those moments that seem almost out of a movie, so perfect they’re sickly sweet and cliché. Co-written with Jon Dryden, “Love Song #1” is the perfect accompaniment to the fizzy feeling of finding ‘that’ person.

Love Song #1 - Ren Geisick
Love Song #1 – Ren Geisick

It’s a tale of pure love, housed in ornate imagery of “purple skies” and ever changing seasons. Time floats through the song as past pains fade into the horizon, yet the unrequited love Ren Geisick has still glows vividly.

let me tell you all the ways
that I’m loving your today
and you’ll never know what I mean.
Looking through colour glass
watching the seasons pass
still my love for you grows and grows

The lyrics wrap around you like red satin, tied with a ribbon by Geisick with her smooth, crooning voice. Reminiscent of the sentimental swing music that time forgot, or perhaps the more contemporary musings of She & Him, Geisick nestles between the two comfortably.

“Love Song #1” could have had the potential to fizz into an up-tempo pop song, bursting with emotion, or it could flip full circle and be a finessed ballad that Adele has crowned her territory. However, Ren Geisick kept “Love Song #1” simple and clean. Violins in crescendo and hard hitting high notes would take away from the purity in Geisick’s lyrics. The vulnerability, the heart on sleeve approach to love Geisick has would become lost in a sea of noise – the opposite of clarifying, balloon bursting love.

Ren Geisick © Karen Santos
Ren Geisick © Karen Santos

Geisick herself agrees, summarising: “I’m in love and I’m vulnerable and I wrote a song about it. I was having a conversation with my person and I thought ‘wow. I could tell you every day how I love you and I don’t think you would ever really know.’”

And I’ll tell you once again
I will love you till the end
let me tell you all the ways
that I’m loving you today
still you’ll never know what I mean

Geisick spoke of how she rediscovered the melody, played solely on piano, much like rediscovering a love for someone. She added: “It’s a song for everyone who’s been in love or wants to be in love. It’s simple. It’s just what the title says it is.”

A jazz vocalist from the Bay Area, Ren Geisick sees herself as a “messenger” between listener and lyric. “Love Song #1” encompasses this, putting those dizzying, confusing and conflicting feelings of love into a clean and linear train of thought. Depending on where you sit with love, “Love Song #1” is either a sickly-sweet, run of the mill love song, or the song you’ve been waiting for to place your rushing thoughts into cohesion.

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Love Song #1 - Ren Geisick

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photo © Karen Santos

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