Today’s Song: Miles Mosley’s “BROTHER” Will Catapult You Through the Funk’esphere

Miles Mosley
Miles Mosley
Miles Mosley’s “BROTHER” is at war with the shame associated with struggle and seeks to replace it with proud strength.
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Miles Mosley has done it yet again. Wielding his bass’s bow like a weapon of mass inspiration in “BROTHER,” the latest release off his forthcoming untitled album, Mosley delivers dynamic dynamite in every way. Lyrically, Mosley calls his listeners to trust that no matter what, “we’re built to survive.” While musically, he gives us the powerful feeling of being backed by an intrepid lust-for-life army. “BROTHER” is the hippest square-meal of a song.

BROTHER - Miles Mosley
BROTHER – Miles Mosley
I’m your firing squad
I’m your last punch thrown
I’m the saint that you believe in
When you’re on your own
And when push comes to shove
I don’t mind the sight of blood
Quiet dog bite hard, my god
Give up on me if you want to
Brother, brother I’m your only cover
From the cold world that’s against you
Brother, brother tell me
what’s the trouble with ya

Give up on me if you want to
Brother, brother I’m your only cover
From the cold world that’s against you
Brother, brother tell me
what’s the trouble with ya

Mosley has proven himself time and again, through his own music and work with other artists such as Ms. Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Cornell and Joni Mitchel (to name a few) to be uniquely powerful, poignant, and dripping with the kind of peerless talent that sets him apart from almost every bassist in our musiverse. After Mosley’s last album, Uprising, received accolades from such notable publications as Rolling Stone, BBC Radio and Apple Beats 1 it played to sold out venues worldwide. Uprising whet our palettes for the exciting possibilities of Mosley’s future endeavors and “BROTHER” delivers the excitement we’ve been hoping for, and then some.

UPRISING - Miles Mosley
Uprising – Miles Mosley

Much like his namesake, Miles Davis, Mosley is the definition of jazz music: Innovative.

His style shoves already flexible genre boundaries aside to make room for stirring productions that compel the listener to take notice and exclaim “Right. On.” Mosley allows himself to create music that goes along with the philosophy he shares with his brothers in sound, The West Coast Get Down. They refer to this philosophy as “No stock beats.” As he explained in a conversation on q with Tom Power for the CBC, “No stock beats” challenges musicians to explore the question,

“What if you didn’t do the most obvious thing, but you push yourself creatively to think in the moment, think outside of your comfort zone? It’s the fastest way to grow as a musician.”

Allowing spontaneity invites the magic into improvisation. It’s a philosophy of taking exhilarating and unique risks to help remove the shackles from creativity. After listening to any of Mosley’s music it’s clear that this philosophy is indeed sound.

Backed by his equally talented crew, The West Coast Get Down, including but not limited to: Tony Austin, ‪Kamasi Washington, Brandon Coleman, and Cameron Graves, “BROTHER” is an example of what can happen when positive people support each other with loyalty, love, respect and confidence in each other’s unique super powers. It’s what our world needs now.

From the song’s very first notes, Mosley catapults everyone in earshot through the funk’esphere.

With an exclamatory wall of triumphant brass, offset by a gogo-esque rhythm section, galloping with syncopation and of course a bass line to carry them all, “BROTHER” starts off great and just keeps getting greater.

Miles Mosley
Miles Mosley

With lyrics that so clearly reflect the frustration of living in a society rife with political, social and financial unrest, “BROTHER” reaches out to all of us and offers strength through understanding.

Damn the disappointment
Damn the same slave wage
When what we’ve got all but fades away
We fumble and fight through these modern days
Rich men never trade
Their future for fame
False gods are not to blame
For heavens sake

In addition to understanding the struggles of living in today’s world, Mosley understands what to say in order to give strength to those in need of inspiration. He knows how to awaken the survivor in us all.

In a recent press release, Mosley explains that “BROTHER” “champions the survivor not as someone who scavenges an existence but someone who was built for the very purpose of surviving said existence.” It’s exactly this sentiment that could change a weakening and vile victim mentality, into one of powerful pride in struggles fought and overcome. “BROTHER” is at war with the shame associated with struggle and seeks to replace it with strength. 

Never give it up
They’re never gonna give it up
Unless you take it
There ain’t enough
There’s never going to be enough unless you save it
Hold the line
Hold the line
Hold the line
Cuz we’re built to survive

Mosley’s empowering lyrics warn us against yielding to the pressure of folding against darkness and despair. “Hold the line,” he urges before a raring horn section as he brandishes his bow and rips open the final, electrifying battle cry on his bass… “CHARGE!

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BROTHER - Miles Mosley

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