Gallery: Highlights of Treefort 10

Osees © Sophie Prettyman-Beauchamp
Osees © Sophie Prettyman-Beauchamp
Atwood Magazine’s Sophie Prettyman-Beauchamp and Ben Niesen share some of their favorite moments from TF10 in a series of photos taken over the course of the week-long festival.
by Sophie Prettyman-Beauchamp & Ben Niesen

With such a massive lineup and a myriad of events, words alone cannot do the Boise-based music and arts festival’s tenth installment justice. To paint a broader picture of the five-day spectacular, we compiled photographs of some of our favorite moments and artists from over the course of the week. Peruse some of the various forts’ festivities, from Skatefort to Dragfort. Take a look at some unforgettable scenes from the most anticipated acts the extensive lineup had to offer, as well as some artists who most piqued our interests. These are just a small fraction of just what makes Treefort a music festival for everyone.

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Treefort 10 Was a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Spectacular


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? © Sophie Prettyman-Beauchamp and Ben Niesen

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