Rotterdam’s Hoger Enthralls with the Utterly Absorbing “Can’t Stand Not Loving You”

Hoger © 2019
Hoger © 2019
With his second single “Can’t Stand Not Loving You,” Dutch newcomer Hoger unquestionably marks himself as an artist that should be firmly on your radar.
“Can’t Stand Not Loving You” – Hoger

Sometimes in a relationship your life can become so intrinsically intertwined with someone else’s that the thought of those ties one day breaking can feel paralyzingly unnerving. Every other thought seems to somehow be, at least loosely, centered around that other person. While every decision is made with painstakingly careful consideration takes the impact on that person into account. With “Can’t Stand Not Loving You”, Rotterdam singer/songwriter Hoger exquisitely chronicles undying devotion and the whirlwind of accompanying feelings, that can range from excruciating uneasiness to boundless joy.

Can’t Stand Not Loving You - Hoger
Can’t Stand Not Loving You – Hoger © Maikel Kerkhoven
I’m feeling okay
Yet I’m worried that I’ll end up all alone
Are you feeling okay
Cause we’re standing on the edge of the unknown
I wanna feel love
like it’s a whole new story

I wanna rewrite the lines we wrote before
I wanna be loved and
give you all you’ve wanted

We’ll find a way
We’ll find a way

Somewhat surprisingly given its quality and rich emotional depth, “Can’t Stand Not Loving You” serves as only Hoger’s second track release. His first release “Rain”, a collaboration with Jae Fly, served as enthralling introduction to him as an artist. After listening to the track it’s almost impossible not to understand and appreciate Hoger’s intense passion for music and begin to fathom the journey of self-exploration that led to the track’s release.

Having worked behind the scenes for years, the release “Rain” was undoubtedly a momentous moment for the multi-talented artist. “Can’t Stand Not Loving You” seems perfectly primed to capitalize on the momentum that his debut release started. Arguably lyrically darker in tone than “Rain,” the track introspectively grapples with the disquietude and uneasiness that accompanies the realisation of how deeply devoted you are to someone

Hoger © Fenna de Jong

Although it’s partly rooted in vulnerability, dependent on your experience of the track it can also provide a life-affirming reminder to love more wholeheartedly. For many, in a relationship an intense fear of separation coincides with a full comprehension of how unconditionally infatuated you are. The subsequent unravelling of your vulnerabilities and revealing deepest doubts to someone ultimately allows them to love and care for you much more deeply.

At the end of that intensely intimate sharing process, it can almost feel like you’ve handed over a precious part of yourself. Hoger addresses the all-consuming feelings that follow with poignancy that’s evidently originated from his own experiences, while incorporating a level of accessibility that’ll allow each individual listener to attribute their own intimate meaning to the song.

Are you okay
Scared we didn’t pave a way to go back home
I feel afraid
The end won’t be as far when we stay close
Please don’t let me go
I wanna feel love like it’s a whole new story
I wanna rewrite the lines we wrote before
I wanna be loved and give you all you’ve wanted
We’ll find a way
We’ll find a way
Hoger © Berksun Doganer

Speaking of the track, Hoger explains, “’Can’t Stand Not Loving You’ is about fear of abandonment, losing love and insecurities within a relationship. It’s about being in a relationship, but coming to a certain point where you aren’t really sure anymore if you’re moving forward together and if this relationship is going somewhere; if there’s actually a future. But you just love this person so much, that you can’t imagine a life without him/her.”

Hoger continues, “It’s about being so deep into a relationship together that there’s no way back and you have no idea where you stand or what will happen to you if the love from your side or her/his side ceases to exist. So all you can do is move forward and make the best out of it. Leap of faith and provide love from your side, because that’s all you can do. You can’t force the other person to love you back and stick with you, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put in 100% and love fully.”

“Can’t Stand Not Loving You” is understandably feeling a little ominous given the inspiration behind the track, but as Hoger addresses himself, it also serves as a reminder to love fully and not settle for love that’s not truly authentic and life-altering.

“Can’t Stand Not Loving You” – Hoger

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Can’t Stand Not Loving You - Hoger

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? © Berksun Doganer
artwork © Maikel Kerkhoven

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