“Good people been down for so long”: Mumford & Sons Collaborate With Pharrell Williams on Rousing Return Single “Good People”

Mumford & Sons © Fabien Montique
Mumford & Sons © Fabien Montique
British folk rock band Mumford & Sons return with a new single produced by Pharrell Williams about the revival of “Good People.”
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“Good People” – Mumford & Sons x Pharrell Williams

Good people been down for so long, and now I see the sun is rising…

English folk rock greats Mumford & Sons have made a valiant return, debuted their new track “Good People” on January 16, 2024. The highly anticipated single – a collaboration with singer, songwriter, and producer Pharrell Williams – is the band’s first music released since 2020’s standalone single “Blind Leading the Blind” and the highly publicized departure of band member Winston Marshall in 2021.

Although the partnership between the British band and “Happy” artist is somewhat surprising, it could not have been more of an ideal match: The two artists combined their talents to create a moving and upbeat track about revelation and a sense of renewal that will have listeners on their feet and chanting.

Good People - Mumford & Sons x Pharrell Williams
Good People – Mumford & Sons x Pharrell Williams

“For years now, every time we’d see Pharrell we’d talk about getting in the studio together,” Mumford & Sons said on their website. “When we finally made it happen, this song came together fast. Like, in a day. We haven’t relied on immediate instincts like that, really, since the very early days of our band. It has felt fast and loose and really, really fun.”

And I’m done being tired
so right now I’m inspired

(Welcome to the revelation)
I was once under water and now I’m on fire
(Welcome to the revelation)
And I feel it in the air
that Mother Earth ain’t steady

Feel so alive even though times are deadly
And in my soul (Get ready)
Something is stirring now (Get ready)
And I’m not worried (Get ready)
You better get ready to see now

The song starts with this beautiful guitar strumming but immediately is taken over by loud stomp-like sounds. Lead singer Marcus Mumford’s voice fuses with a choir and the two bring in this urgency that is filled with passion and determination, and as the beat picks up its tempo and Mumford’s voice reaches higher and higher, it feels like a fire from deep within just sparked and is pushing itself to the forefront. It hints at a promising change on the horizon and a better tomorrow.

Good people been down for so long
And now it’s like the sun is rising
Good people been down for so long
And now I see the sun is rising

The chorus confirms this sense of arrival and rebirth as it mentions the good people finally coming out on a brighter side and getting the recognition they deserve.

Long was the night,
but you know we’ve been dreaming

(Welcome to the revelation)
The city’s getting loud
’cause the mountains are screaming

(Welcome to the revelation)
When you’ve been through it all
and it won’t get no worse

And the first shall be lost
and the last shall be first

As the song moves onward, this second verse alludes to the saying, “There’s no better time than now.” Mumford chants about long dreams, a city growing louder and mountains that are screaming because this restoration has been a long time coming. It’s been built up inside each individual. Now, it’s here.

What’s admirable about this track is how Mumford & Sons and Pharrell make that exact meaning and interpretation deepen within the music. As the song progresses, the rhythm continues to pick its pace up, in all aspects. Whether it’s Mumford’s vocals getting higher or the stomping becoming louder and quicker, it parallels the lyrics and makes for a profound message.

Mumford & Sons © Fabien Montique
Mumford & Sons © Fabien Montique

And in my soul, something is stirring now. And I’m not worried, you better get ready to see now…

Toward the end of the track, there’s this return to the slower pace that we heard a little in the beginning emphasized through repetition. It brings in this sense of tranquility, right before it takes off again and hits its highest peak yet. The track ends on the powerful words, “So nothing tonight is getting in the way,” summarizing and completing the exemplary idea.

Mumford & Sons performed “Good People” live at Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton 2024 runway show during Paris Fashion Week with Native Voices of Resistance and Pharrell. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a long-awaited return of the talented band.

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“Good People” – Mumford & Sons x Pharrell Williams

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Good People - Mumford & Sons x Pharrell Williams

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