Today’s Song: ALIA Blazes Her Own Trail with “Penthouse”

ALIA © Ilana Morgan Spiegel / Ilana Morgan Spiegel photography; design by Jason Garofolo
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Today’s societal norms place expectations on our future generations to follow the traditional path to success: Go to school, get a job, pay your bills. But what good is success if you’re not enjoying every second of the journey to get there? Introducing Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter ALIA, here to change the game.

Never wanted to go to school
Never thought the good life looked good on me
Never was the type for your sorority
But I know I’m supposed to, so I tried to be

Listen: “Penthouse” – Alia

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"Penthouse" single art - ALIA
“Penthouse” single art – ALIA

Growing up can be difficult when certain expectations are placed on you and dictate how you must act and feel. ALIA recounts her experiences and emotions that inspire the authenticity of “Penthouse.” One can tell by simply looking at her that she exudes confidence, yet there is a somberness in her voice that gives away her story. Embracing her originality as an artist and as a human being, this newcomer to the music scene is a rising star, and she’s anything but traditional.

Her debut single, “Penthouse” is an empowering anthem, an outcry by this generation of dreamers and doers that we will create our own paths to success. She sings to the future of our world, a generation far more educated, socially aware, and hungry for the betterment of ourselves and our world than our predecessors were.

Maybe there’s a million ways to get from A to Z
Maybe there’s a one for you and a one for me
Maybe yours has fancy cars and houses and degrees, mmm
Maybe that just ain’t for me

Alia Christian © Ilana Morgan Spiegel / Ilana Morgan Spiegel photography; design by Jason Garofolo
Alia Christian © Ilana Morgan Spiegel

There’s a magical quality in ALIA’s voice as the mystifying beat erupts into an all-consuming explosion as she soars effortlessly into her chorus. She’s a brooding soul, and an unapologetic one at that. She knows what she wants; she knows what she deserves; and that’s happiness. There is no one true route to happiness. As more and more innovators of today are finding success through all sorts of creative outlets and passions, she has chosen to follow this path as well. A pioneer of her times, her artistry and fearlessness shine like a beacon, an example for all to follow.

What’s air to the fish in the sea
What good is your good life to me?
Baby, what’s comfort when you need to be free?
Maybe your penthouse is a prison to me

Produced by ALIA and Juan Fleischer, “Penthouse” is sonically euphoric, sure to leave you feeling high on electricity. It is the manifestation of personal liberation and self-contentment, and ALIA embodies the entire essence of the two. Hungry for self-contentment, countless others will surely muster the courage to identify with her desire for happiness and self-love, and there is no doubt that continuation down the trail she has blazed all on her own will launch her into the spotlight.

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photo © Ilana Morgan Spiegel / Ilana Morgan Spiegel photography
design by Jason Garofolo

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