Sweet, Surreal, & Absolutely Mystifying: Rosie Lowe Radiates a Sultry Seduction on “Mood to Make Love”

Rosie Lowe © Abiella Aland
Rosie Lowe © Abiella Aland
Surreal and sonically poignant, “Mood to Make Love” is a stunning single which showcases Rosie Lowe’s quiet sensuality and soft spoken yet alluring confidence.
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“Mood to Make Love” – Rosie Lowe

Though introverted and a bit soft spoken, Rosie Lowe has hardly ever been shy about her sensuality.

In fact, her music thrives on it. On the singer’s first song in three years, she beckons you into her sultry world like a siren in the mist: “Bet you never met a girl like me … Gold like a honeybee.” With alluring conviction, Rosie Lowe’s newest single captures the essence of what it means to feel desired. A song that radiates finesse, “Mood to Make Love,” seduces the listener and creates a space for the artist to flourish in her own feelings of longing, and much like a hypnotic daydream, it leaves the listener woozy in its wake.

"Mood to Make Love" - Rosie Lowe
“Mood to Make Love” – Rosie Lowe

A masterclass in simplicity, Rosie Lowe successfully finds a way to say a lot with so little. Feint, impressionistic drums accompany a fuzzy bass line in a repetitive yet spellbinding backdrop. “Imagine what your life could be … I’m truly worth every penny,” the singer coaxes, the delicate delivery sounding like a soft whisper in the breeze. With a sound so intimate and enticing, it’s clear Rosie Lowe is seeking a connection. But one can’t help but hear the root cause of these feelings; the small seed of doubt present in the singer’s mind.

Bet you never met a girl like me
Never knew how tough I’d be
Walked out the sea dripping gold
I could stand up to the fireline
I’ll come, divine
Like a fine wine, oh
‘Cause I’m in the mood to make love
I’ll show you heavens inside
Could live your life praying for less
I’m truly worth every penny you spend

The music video that accompanies “Mood to Make Love” very artfully compliments the aesthetic of the music. The video’s opening shot features a still stream on a fading afternoon. An achingly slow camera zooms in on a boat carrying a lone Rosie Lowe, the singer floating alone in the wilderness. Spliced in images of sensual red roses, warm flames, and apples on feminine lips juxtapose the calm blue ripples of the water and the sun kissed banks of its shore. Amongst the series of mystifying visuals, a curious Rosie Lowe peers through a set of binoculars to find herself lounging in a beach chair. Gazing off into the distant sunset, the singer is sitting about 20 feet away from a motionless soccer ball. Pensive. Disquieted. And completely alone.

From the incredible ambiance of the instrumental to the stellar vocal performance, every aspect of “Mood to Make Love” is designed to draw the listener in. Yet, within Lowe’s shimmering veil of seduction lies the softest hint of desperation: A quiet call for human connection that feels so tangibly vulnerable. Further honing her craft, Rosie Lowe finds a special beauty in her vulnerability and it is in that feeling where the song finds its magic.

Bet you never met a girl like me
Gold like a honeybee
Imagine what your life could be
I’ll be sitting on the sidelines, it’s fine
I’ll be just fine but I find I like the sun
‘Cause I know what I’m feeling
And I know what I’m worth
Yeah, I know where my limit is
(I know where my limit is)

I know where it hurts
You know
It’s true
Rosie Lowe © Abiella Aland
Rosie Lowe © Abiella Aland

“Mood to Make Love” comes after a very quiet three-year hiatus for the British singer/songwriter.

We last heard Lowe in 2021 with the release of two separate projects, Son and Now, You Know, two small creative outings for the artist. 2019 saw the release of Lowe’s biggest and most successful album to date in YU. Severely underrated, the electro-R&B odyssey showcases Lowe’s soft vocals sung over a myriad of intimate, catchy, and creative instrumental backdrops which guide the listener through the subtle intricacies of Lowe’s mind. With an album scheduled for later this year, fans are waiting in anticipation for what is sure to be another wonderful addition to the artist’s catalog.

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“Mood to Make Love” – Rosie Lowe

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"Mood to Make Love" - Rosie Lowe

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